Just the basics.

Whole30, Day 1

So we started our Whole30 on Monday, but actually things began Sunday when we got back from a camping trip. We hit the grocery store and Trader Joe’s for some essentials and then we got to cooking so that we’d have food prepared for the next few days:

We made the following:
Breakfast casserole
Chicken Skillet with Potatoes and Apples
Sloppy Joe-like beef (my husband made this up)

We took only about 2 hours to cook and prep these dishes so that we’d have easy to grab food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The sloppy joe-like dish that my husband made was perfect on top of salad with Wholly Guac from Costco and some other veggies.

So Day 1 began like normal, with the exception that I ate breakfast first thing when I woke up, even though I wasn’t that hungry. I also drank my coffee with coconut cream instead of half and half, sugar free vanilla, and two Equals (that’s my jam). The coffee wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t what I’m used to obviously. The breakfast casserole was delicious and kept me full at work until around 1 pm when I ate lunch.

Lunch was a salad with the sloppy joe-like ground beef with tomatoes and carrots with some Wholly Guac. It was good but I’m not a huge salad person. I think I packed too much of the beef and I was so over eating it after about 10 minutes.

For dinner I packed the chicken skillet with potatoes and apples and bacon and it was delicious. I threw in a handful of cashews after I finished that and called it a day with my eating.

When I came home from work, I was kinda hungry, like I normally am. This is the time at which I would normally reach for the snacks but from reading It Starts with Food, you’re really not supposed to eat in the few hours before bed. So I chatted with my husband instead and then headed to bed a little bit earlier.

I also did not eat any snacks because I didn’t really feel like I needed to. They recommend snacks if you feel like you need it and are starving, but generally say to stay away from snacking and stick with three whole meals, which I tried to do. The one thing I do remember from the Whole30 the first time around was how absolutely full I was throughout the day between meals. Like I said, I only got a little hungry last night after work and maybe right before I ate dinner.

So overall, Day 1 was not that bad. Coffee without my usual fixings sucked but I’ll live and get used to it.

Whole30 Symptoms: none
Whole30 Pro’s: feeling full all day and satisfied
Whole30 Cons: no fixings for my coffee

On to day two!

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