Just the basics.

Weekend adventures

I spent my weekend recovering from my 2p-3a shift, which I had to stay late for but didn’t really mind because it was sooo busy. I slept until 12 pm Saturday and then Mike and I spent the afternoon running some errands and putting my coffee cup collection back on the wall. We decided to paint our kitchen and living room last weekend after we’ve been super lazy with house remodel projects and decided to take charge. Our old living room colors were brown and so dark:

Don’t mind the mess. I snapped these after we started getting ready to paint. We decided with two shades of grey but unfortunately they turned out a bit blue, but I still love it and how light everything feels now. 

Our next project is hopefully to refinish the cabinets white and then a lighter counter top. 

So we hung my coffee cup collection back up, which I love!

We spent the night at bingo after playing puppy sitter. 

My sister and Mike actually won bingo last night and we passed the time beforehand playing my favorite game Skip Bo.

Goose spent most of the weekend sunbathing as always. 

Today we went to mass at our church, cleaned our house and cut the grass and then switched my hard top for my soft top for spring!

It was actually a lot easier than we thought it was going to be. And now I can cruise around with the top off and enjoy the weather…best part about having a Jeep. 

Now we’re spending the evening watching the Master’s and having family dinner followed by game night and ice cream. Perfect weekend if you ask me!

1 thought on “Weekend adventures”

  1. Definitely an awesome weekend!!

    Oh that pup you got to sit is soo cute! What kind of breed is it?!

    I love your coffee cup collection and yay for new paint! We recently painted our living room gray and it turned out a little blue as well. Oh well, much better than the dingy off-white ours was before 😉

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