Just the basics.


I am siting here today, completely inspired, content, and fulfilled with my life entirely. This doesn’t always happen, and definitely isn’t a common occurrence each day, but today for some reason, I’m really digging life.

The past few months my posts on here have been sporadic for no good reason. When I think about the direction I wanted this blog to head in, I initially thought I wanted it to be fitness, nutrition, and healthy living inspired. I’ve done the diet and macro thing for the past 3 years and have been working out and exercising for the past 14 years in some form or another. I thought that this focus is what I wanted my life and my blog to revolve around, but it turns out that it’s not really want I want at all.

Recently I’ve been interested in reading “general life” blogs if I had to pick a genre. I enjoy reading about people’s everyday lives rather than their focus on dieting, recipes, workouts, Crossfit, weight lifting, macro counting, selling products, referrals, etc. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional post about these things, but I enjoy much more the day to day thoughts of people as well as their real struggles, emotions, and thoughts.  I like to read about people’s raw reactions to life as well as their experiences with being vulnerable and open to the world and their problems. 

I myself am working on shifting this blog from where I “think” it should be to just “where it is”. I started it to document my day to day journey through life, my thoughts, and my feelings toward the world, but then slowly got swept away in the fitness and healthy living mindset. I think it’s time to get back to the basics and to the real reason I started this.

Although it may not be exciting, and it may not have the best pictures, at least it will be a great place for me to document what is going on in my head and my life. Recently my husband and I have realized that we were “lazy” in our lives, mostly in the way that we cared for our house. We stopped doing projects, we procrastinated on the mandatory things, and we let things build up with no end of completion in sight. I feel like I’ve done the same with this blog, as well as some other areas of my life, and it’s now that it’s time to get back to doing what I love, which is writing.

So I thank you for reading this and even for sticking around. I hope to be more consistent with my blogging, but I can’t guarantee what the content will be. That’s the joy about life and about blogging.

And just because I love finding funny things that make me smile:



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