Crossfit, Just the basics., Weightlifting


EMOM10 1 squat snatch
Worked up to 95 lbs

E2MOM16 3 back squat
Worked with 185 lbs

30 overhead squats (75lbs)
600 meter run
30 burpees over the bar
600 meter run
30 shoulder to overhead (75lbs)

– – – – –

I recently made the decision to forgo my Crossfit membership at my local box and do most of my working out at home. This came after going back and forth a few weeks, but ultimately was due to my back and the vibe I was getting. Starting back into Crossfit after taking a 4 month break, I knew I would have to be smart about it and take it slow. Going back to my box, I pushed myself a little too hard on some workouts and felt like there was an expectation for me to work harder, when honestly all I want is a good workout. After a few days this past week dealing with a sore back, I said “nope” and decided to do things at home.

It’s easy for me to do this because I have most of the equipment at home. The only things I’m really missing are a wall ball and a rower/bike, which I can easily substitute running or double unders for as part of cardio if needed. I also literally can roll out of bed and head downstairs and get started working out. A lot of my shifts are 10am-10pm, which means I would have to be up for the 6 am class…which would not happen when I have a 12 hour shift to follow that workout.

I’m hoping that I can convince my husband and family to start working out as well and I’m totally open to having my husband workout with me! Right now I’m following the Invictus programming online, only because it’s free and I can modify some of the stuff if needed.

I’m still trying to find that balance in my life and at this point, the place I was going to just wasn’t feeling right. My friend is supposed to be opening a box less than a mile from my house in March, so I will probably end up checking that out when the time comes just to have more people to work out with!

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