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Warm up WOD:
6 minute AMRAP
10 wall ball (20/14)
20 ft bear crawl
10 SDHP (55/35)
20 ft gorilla walk

15 minutes to establish a 2 rep max front squat
*I worked up to 190 lbs
-rest 3 minutes-
Max reps in 2 minutes of 120 lbs front squat
*got 30 reps Rx

Max set of weighted true push ups (on paralettes) (15# plate)
*10 full reps
rest 3 minutes-
Max reps in 2 minutes of groiners (push up then forward to dip on paralettes)
*13 reps

1 down and back sprint in 1 minute
2 down and back sprints in 2 minutes
3 down and back sprints in 3 minutes
Repeat x 3

– – – – – –

Suffice it to say that I could barely walk up the steps today after this working and I can’t even imagine how I’m going to feel tomorrow morning. The front squats totally toasted my legs as I haven’t really lifted anything heavy like that in months. My old 1 rep max for front squat used to be 215 lbs, so 190 for 2 after a year long injury is something I am so proud of.

The sprints on the other hand almost made me vomit. Seriously. There is only one other workout I’ve ever done where I was very close to tossing my cookies, which was an EMOM of sled sprints for 10 minutes. Today was a close second. My legs just would not operate, and although I was speedy, I felt like I was dying. I came home and have done nothing but eat, watch Fear the Walking Dead and took Goose on a mini-walk before it started raining.

I am working the early shift tomorrow and Wednesday, so those will most certainly be days off.

– – – – –

Yesterday I spent literally the whole day on the couch reading and ultimately finishing this:


My sister in law and another friend have signed up together to receive Bookworm each month. This include two new books that are signed by the author with a bunch of other goodies as well. This one was in the box this month and my sister in law gave it to me to read first. Initially I was skeptical but after a few pages I was hooked. It was such an easy read that I ended up finishing it last night.

Sidenote: two months before today I would never be able to have the time to read an entire book in one day. I cannot say how amazing my schedule finally is. Even though most of my days off are spent by myself or with Goose, I will never not take advantage of that time.

We also spent yesterday watching Madam Secretary, which we are totally hooked on. We are almost through the first season and we just love the plot, the humor and the way the characters just mesh really well. We literally look forward to watching it every night.

What are some great shows you guys are into right now?
I just finished up The Walking Dead season and can’t wait for the next season. I’m getting caught up on Fear the Walking Dead. I love Nashville and House of Cards as well. 

1 thought on “04112016”

  1. Today my computer restarted after an update and when I went to log into MFP (which is always open on my laptop) I started typing m…y… into the address bar. Well, instead of MFP, my browser directed me to mylifeinmacros, which redirected me to your new blog!

    I just want to say that I’m so glad work is slow today and for the first time I got to read some of your posts. It sounds like you’ve been going through a lot lately and I think it’s wonderful that you have an outlet to share as little or as much as you’d like.

    I want to say that I absolutely loved having you as my WAG coach. I always felt like you listened to what I said and gave me honest and helpful feedback. You may have gathered from my check in emails that I did a lot of flip-flopping on what my “goals” were, and from reading your posts today I feel like you’ve experienced a lot of the same things. To say I’ve had one goal with my personal WAG journey is impossible, and I feel like that’s been part of my struggle on the program, as well as the struggle that brought me to the program in the first place. I totally agree with you that disordered eating and body image are major problems in society, and that social media is a disaster that seems to only compound these problems.

    I want to be fit and strong, and I have “goals” for my lifting. I also have a realistic goals and know that timing 35% of my carbs is not going to add 20kg to my total anytime soon and qualify me for nationals. I’m an average weightlifter and I’m happy with that because it’s a form of exercise that I enjoy and it keeps me active and strong. Why is that never enough? I compare my lifts to every lifter on my instagram, just like I compare my abs, and my legs, and my butt. I think that sometime it can be great motivation, but it can also lead to really negative thinking when all you do is compare yourself to others. Who wouldn’t love to have abs and look as strong as they feel? But at the sacrifice of friends and indulgences that can also bring happiness? And at what point is it “worth it”? When you can make a living off of modeling? When you get 50 insta likes? When you qualify for AO? Nationals? Regionals? I just don’t know the answers.

    What I’ve come to realize for myself is that I am happy when I feel content in my body. I don’t need anyone to see it besides me. But I do have to see myself in the mirror everyday and it’s nice to get dressed and know what’s going to fit and what’s going to make me feel good. And I like to look good naked!

    These goals are absolutely superficial, but they are my reality. Part of looking good for me ties into feeling good physically and mentally. I know that society has helped shape my idea of what that means, and I’m not sure I’ll ever shake that ideal. I also can’t embrace the idea of “every body is perfect” and “love yourself the way you are” because I see the health problems related to those ideals as well. I don’t think an obese person should “love their body” because I’ve treated too many diabetics and heart disease patients. Or to a lesser degree, people who need knee replacements because their bodies just got tired of supporting their own weight.

    I’m not sure what is ideal – I don’t think anyone does. What all my rambling is saying is that I agree with your posts whole-heartedly and I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really hope that I can reach a point soon where I can accept my body where it is and maintain a relationship with food that keeps me healthy and happy and also allows me to indulge with moderation and without guilt.

    I’m so happy to hear about the positive changes in your life and I hope I can keep up with your blog every now and then. It’s nice to read something that hits close to home in so many ways! It’s a shame that you don’t live closer to me because I really feel like I could use a Nikki to get coffee with or go on a hike and have all of these conversations out loud instead of in my head!!

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