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I made my triumphant return to RAW today and I absolutely loved it. I realized that I was totally off balance. I gave up the one thing that made me happy and motivated every single day. I missed the friends, the coaches, and the motivators at the gym. I realized that it was a great break to scale back, let myself heal a bit more, and relax. But over the past few days I realized that I missed it way too much…so I’m back!

Warm-Up WOD:
6 minute AMRAP
30 double unders
5 dumbbell snatches left
5 dumbbell snatches right
I can’t remember how many rounds…4+?

Back Squat: 3 x 5, every 2:00
I just worked up from 105lbs to 140 lbs, no belt, no pain

8 minute AMRAP:
10 chest to bar
10 toes to bar
10 thrusters (135/95)
I think I did 4 + 10 rounds, scaled to regular pull ups and 65 lbs thrusters

4 sets on the 3:00
250 meter row
3 high box jump

– – – – –

Man, did it feel great to be back at RAW. Honestly, nothing can replace the community or the intensity of a Crossfit box. Everyone asked where I was, how I was doing and if I was back for good. It was seriously amazing.

I’m still scaling back everything that I am doing and taking things super slow. I’ve realized that I cannot compare myself to anyone else. My journey is different than everyone else’s. Although progress is slow, when I think about it, I went from not being able to lift anything from the floor in June, to now being able to lift at least 100 lbs from the floor without pain. I also was not able to back squat at all in June without pain, and I’m easily able to do this with 125 lbs without discomfort. I also could not do toes to bar without pain about 2 months ago, and today I did them pretty well with just a bit of discomfort towards the end of the WOD. So although things are progressing slowly, things are still moving forward. I just need to remember that at each class.

I’m adding back in my core exercises that I did with PT after each class including weighed planks so that I can continue to strengthen my core and hips, which will only improve my back. They’re those kind of exercises that you don’t really want to do but need to, so I know I just need to get over it and get them done.

I can’t describe how happy I am. How much I missed RAW. It’s all about finding that balance and what works for you.

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