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1 hang power snatch
Worked up to 105 lbs

Clean and jerk
Worked up to 125 lbs

For time:
50 alternating single arm dumbbell snatch (25 lbs)
50 box jump overs

– – – – – –

Hey guys, sorry I was a little bit absent these past few days. I worked the entire weekend and had some super weird shift hours! Like for example: Sunday 6a-4p, I had to be up at 4a to get to the site and then came home exhausted and napped! Then Monday I was 10a-8p on the holiday, which is great because I got time and a half, but I was still working when everyone else was off. And yesterday I worked a 12 hour shift from 9am-9pm. So needless to say I was just a bit busy.

I don’t have a weekly update this week but plan to have one next week. Don’t ask, I’ve been struggling to adhere to my macros but had a revelation this week and have been changing my habits around food which I’ll go into detail next week about!

I finally got a chance to workout today and did the programming from Champlain Valley Crossfit, which I love because it’s just like a regular Crossfit class. This is what I have been looking for! It was challenging but yet kept me entertained the whole time. I finally got an ab-mat for my garage gym and can finally do HSPU without feeling like I’m going to fracture my skull. #garagegymwarrior

I also finally made it to Coscto today where I picked up some seriously great stuff; Kodiak Power Cakes, edamame spaghetti, salmon, pork chops, and quinoa. I’ve been keeping my food dare I say it, “super clean” aka nutrient dense over the past week only because I’ve felt like I was letting myself get a little too flexible with my diet. I fill up on a lot of volume foods but I’m also coming up with foods that I haven’t had in a while to keep me satisfied and to keep my diet fun and interesting. I’m trying to eat many different things and stay away from eating the same thing every damn day. I think that’s what leads me to overeat and to end up going over my macros.

I discovered quinoa last week and I love it. And despite the fact that the pork chops have 13 grams of fat, I cannot wait to devoir one tonight for dinner. Oreos and poptarts and ice cream are wonderful in moderation, but there’s just something that makes you feel proud of yourself when you’re fueling your body with the right foods and the right nutrients. I haven’t had to use any type of fiber supplement in food form because I’ve been getting it from natural foods!

But more on that next week in my weekly check in. I’m about to go snuggle my puppy and start getting diner ready soon. The east coast is supposed to get hit with a wicked snow storm this weekend and I am so excited. Although it’s going to totally depend on how far south this storm hits. I’m betting we’re just going to get a few inches, because what usually happens with a huge storm like this is they overreact and we get a light dusting. A snow lover can dream though!

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