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Squat Clean + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
Worked up to 115 lbs

Open Workout 13.2
10 minute AMRAP
5 shoulder to overhead (75 lbs)
10 deadlift (75 lbs)
15 box jump
5 rounds and some change

3 x 10
Single leg deadlift (25 lbs kettlebell)
Paused squat (10 lbs plate)

– – – – – –

Well, it’s officially winter here in Pennsylvania. It snowed about 4 inches today and tonight it’s going to get down to -6 degrees. I really just wanted to get moving this morning so I kept things simple and quick.

The FitBit is still in it’s first week of experimenting and so far I do really like it. I think the calories out is pretty accurate and the thing that I like best is that it encourages you to keep moving throughout the day. It encourages you to walk 10 flights of stairs and 10,000 steps. So on top of your daily activity with exercise, it’s trying to increase your NEAT to keep you active throughout the day.

I always thought I was pretty active at work in the ER and Urgent Care but it turns out I walk more and am more active on my off days than I am walking around the ER! It’s crazy. But it’s another way to get you to burn a few more calories throughout the day.

I hope to do a more thorough review when I have some time in the next few weeks and get adjusted to how it works.

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