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01072015/The Fit Bit Surge


Squat Clean (95 lbs)
Burpee over the bar
Pull ups

Deadlift 5 x 5
Worked up to 95 lbs

First 4 minutes: 2 jerks
Last 4 minutes: 2 jerks
Worked up to 155 lbs

200 meters walking lunges


– – – – – –

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I did 200 meters of walking lunges at the end of my workout. I’ve seen this circulating around the web as a challenge and decided to give it a go. I think the standard is 400 meters of walking lunges but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk if I did that, so I stuck with 200 m and woke up this morning sore as heck. I still stuck it out and did the 200 meters, but couldn’t walk very well after.

 So far one day with the Fit Bit has been interesting. It tracked my Crossfit workout yesterday as burning about 557 calories for 1:07, which I think is pretty accurate. I did a longer WOD yesterday and some extra stuff, which I think made the calorie burn higher. Today I worked out for about 55 minutes and it’s telling me I burned about 401 calories, which again I think is pretty accurate. My Polar HR monitor used to get me readings of about that number for 1 hour of Crossfit.

In terms of the daily calorie burn, this is what the Fit Bit is coming up with:

Fit Bit

It calculated that I burned about 2,450 calories yesterday and Tuesday doesn’t really count because I only wore it for 3 hours. I guess that’s pretty accurate with exercise and all, but I’m interested to see what the weekly/monthly trend is going to be.

The Dashboard is really easy to navigate:

Fit bit 2

It gives you an overview of how many steps you’ve taken, your sleep report, calories burned for the day, water intake, and it inputs your calories from My Fitness Pal to show you if you’re over or under for your calorie goal depending on your weight loss set up. Right now I have it set to a 500 calorie deficit, because that’s where my macros are and it’s pretty accurate with the calories out equation.

The Fit Bit however tried to adjust my intake based upon my exercise output for the day until I turned that off. It essentially wanted my macros to be:
Protein: 180 grams
Carbs: 230
Fat: 50

That was based upon the amount of exercise I had done for the day and my daily activity level. Mind you I cleaned my house yesterday, so I’m thinking my daily activity level is going to be a bit higher.

I’d almost like to try an experiment to see what might happen if I follow the Fit Bit calorie goal and adjust my macros accordingly. I’d like to see how accurate it is in terms of calories out throughout the day but I may reserve that for a few weeks from now.

I’ll keep you all updated on what I think about the Surge over the next few weeks, but so far after 1 day, I’m liking it!

3 thoughts on “01072015/The Fit Bit Surge”

  1. I was looking forward to this post after yesterday’s. I have a Charge HR and love it, but the only thing I *don’t* love it for is CrossFit. My calorie burn never seems to be high enough. Are you turning on the “exercise” tracker when doing so? That could be part of my problem… I’m tempted to do the same workout as you and see what it gives me. I know our calorie burn will be different based on body weight, and a million other factors, but I’d be curious to see if mine tells me more than, say, 150 calories lol.

    1. Hey Sheri…I do turn it on manually before my workout for the “workout” tracker. I time it and then stop it after I’m finished with my workout. I think there’s an option for it to do it automatically, but I’m just used to doing that with my prior Garmin and my Polar HR monitor.

  2. Yeah, the “automatic” one is funny, actually. It normally codes my CrossFit workouts as “play” and 25 mins of a grueling wod only burns like 90 calories or something lol. I figure I’m always burning more anyway since I’m lifting as well, which the device has no clue about.

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