Crossfit, Workouts



Clean and Jerk (95 lbs)
Burpee over the bar

Sumo Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2
95 lbs-115-135-155-185

Planks 1:00 with 15 lb plate

– – – – –

Welp, I survived the night shift. It was really awful. We were busy all night and didn’t clear the waiting room until 4 am. I went over on my macros just with all of the food around after the holidays, but I’m ok with that. I was just trying to eat throughout the 12 hour shift.

I came home around 8, slept for 2 hour and then had a bit of a coughing fit. Took some cough medicine and slept until 1:30pm. I got up and wanted to work out today because I know I won’t be able to the next 2 days given my shifts and schedule.

I thought up this workout on a whim but man was it freaking hard! I didn’t anticipate it to take that long, nor for it to be that difficult. I was wanting to quit at the round of 5. I then decided to do some sumo deadlifts and surprised myself by working up to 185 lbs with zero pain. Definitely a success in my book!

Today will be spent watching football, checking e-mails and then figuring out the recipe for the broth bowl my husband made the other day to post on here! It’s so delicious I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Have a great Sunday.

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