Just the basics., Weightlifting, Workouts


Snatch 6 x 1
Worked up to 100 lbs

Clean & Jerk 6 x 1
Worked up to 130 lbs

Front Squat 3 x 1
175, 185, 190

– – – – –

So I have been absent for a bit now, life with the holidays is busy on top of work and WAG. I’m following at this point a Catalyst Athletics beginner program for OLY and am happy with my progress so far. It seems like each week I am able to pull more from the floor with less pain.

I am taking my recovery more seriously though. Doing my ROMWODs when I remember (trying to be more consistent with that), taking days off, and doing strictly running for conditioning. I’m still doing my ab and back routine as well as prescribed by my PT. I think this has been helping me the most.

I still can’t really comprehend that now I’m able to pull 100 lbs in a snatch off of the floor when 6 months ago I couldn’t even pull the bar. It’s amazing what slow progress can provide.

Off to decorate some sugar cookies for Christmas. Have a great weekend everyone!

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