Just the basics.


Build up to a heavy set of:
Push press
Push Jerk

Build up to a heavy 3 rep front squat:

For time:
4 rounds
7 power cleans (from hang, 85 lbs)
14 toes to bar (knees to elbow)
21 box jump

– – – – – –

Well, I guess you could say I’m back!? I definitely needed some time for myself and to really figure out my priorities in my daily life. I was so overwhelmed by work, the addition of a new job, thinking I should be working out, thinking I had to get to RAW to train, and trying to balance way too many plates on one hand. I’m happy to say with the help of some wonderful people in my life, I’m happier than ever, more balanced, and committed more than ever to make sure I am taken care of before anyone else.

I’m considering writing some posts about these when I have time, but for now I’m going to stick with this as my workout journal. Exciting times for me as last week I was cleared to pull some sumo deadlifts from the floor and progress from there. I believe I’m going to be graduating physical therapy soon and I’ve been doing my ROMWOD workouts as well to help increase my mobility. Things are going great but I’ve also got to be cautious and take things very slow.

I’m considering switching from RAW as my Crossfit box to just training at home. It’s easier for me to roll out of bed, down the stairs and get my workout in instead of planning when I can go to class at RAW. This decision is still up in the air, but I’m leaning more towards this. This will also allow me to progress slowly and hopefully prevent me from pushing my back too quickly, which I tend to do in class when I see others around me. After all, this is just exercise and it’s just a way for me to stay healthy and active. At this point I don’t have many big training goals but to get my back healed appropriately and find a healthy balance in my life…which I’m definitely improving on!

Any readers out there workout from home or have a home gym? I’d love to hear how you keep yourself motivated!

So I hope to have more posts about my training, my progressions, my new mental mindset and attitude as well as my progress. Taking a break was much needed; I realized that I set the standards so high for myself that it wasn’t really attainable. Things are so much better now.

3 thoughts on “12022015”

  1. Hey Nikki! I mostly work out at home by myself – maybe in the gym 2x/week at most. Certain things I HAVE to go to the gym to do (yesterday I had 150 wall balls and I can’t do those at home) and also had a couplet emom of OHS and bench – so with only one rack that would have been pretty tricky at home.

    I do it out of necessity. I will admit I seem more motivated at the gym, but often times when I don’t want to at home a lot of it is the fact that it’s after I worked all day, it’s cold outside (and in my basement) and I just don’t want to. I pay for programming, which helps to keep me accountable (like WAG!) and it will be my first Open as a masters so I’m really trying to nail down a few things before then (muscle up!!!). I guess knowing that I always feel better afterward helps. I really loathe working out late in the day – if I could work out at home each morning sans kids I would honestly be just fine. But I always have kids in tow and it’s almost always after I work all day (I can row and do stuff without the barbell, but can’t really drop the bar early because of the kids sleeping).

    I feel like I didn’t really help at all lol.

    1. Hey Sherri! Your comment did help! I don’t have kids right now so dropping the barbell isn’t a huge deal for me. If I go full time at home I think I’d get some mats for the floor to help with the sound.

      I think paying for a program would help keep me accountable just like WAG and would give me something to look forward to and to keep me motivated. Right now when I work out at home I don’t really follow a program at all. I think also if I had a rower at home and a wall ball I’d be set too! Thanks for your insight!

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