6 sets:
Hang power snatch
Hang squat snatch x 2
**Worked only to 75 lbs

Front squat
**Worked up to 125 and felt really good

100 double under buy in
Walking lunges
Box step ups

15 minute ROM WOD video.

– – – – –

Today felt really good in terms of working out and squatting. Yesterday was miserable. I think with the combination of starting my cycle, which I’m up 5 lbs from my normal weight (thank you mother nature, and trying to do heavy back squats yesterday, my pelvis was not having it. I told my PT what was going on and that I was having some SI joint pain and he tried to fix me up.

Last night I signed up for RomWod and did my first workout. I was super skeptical about it but I did my second workout this morning and absolutely loved it. I love how my back and my hips are feeling throughout work today and I can’t wait to continue doing this. It’s $14 a month, but recovering my body at this point is really my number one priority. But these workouts are NO JOKE. You hold positions for like 2 minutes and focus on breathing and while initially it hurts, towards the end you find that you have better range of motion in that position and it actually feels better. I can’t wait to see how this continues to improve my recovery and my positioning.

Tomorrow I’m going to do the 50 minute video as my active recovery!

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