3 x 10 Bicep curls, 15 lbs
3 x 8 Ring rows
3 x 10 Box squat, 10 lbs
3 x 10 KB row, 25 lb
3 x 10 Hammer curls, 15 lbs
3 x 10 Calf raises

4 rounds:
400 meter run
20 squats (10 lbs)
20 walking lunges (10 lbs)
30 double unders

– – – – –

I decided to take it easier today than I have been and totally skip CrossFit at RAW until I hear from my doctor about what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not supposed to do. I followed the rule my doctor put in place before of “you can do anything as long as it does not hurt while doing it.”

None of the exercises this morning caused me any pain, and I still got a good workout in. It’s pretty boring, going from the extreme of CrossFit back to like a body building type workout, but I’m still working out, I’m still moving, and I’m still getting a sweat on.

I woke up this morning back down to 144.4 lbs, after a 20 gram carb increase this week. I’m loving it! I’ve fit in a poptart almost every single day on top of my daily protein cheesecake and Gelato.

But today I’m back to work for one day, and then have the whole weekend off! I’m loving it! It definitely makes up for the past two weeks of a crappy schedule!

Have a great day guys!

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