Minute 1-4: 2 rep power clean
Minute 4-8 1 rep power clean
**Worked up to 115 from 45 lb plates

Minute 1-3: 2 rep front squat
Minute 4-12: 1 rep front squat
**Worked up to 125

Partner WOD
Cals on the rower
Russian KBS (75/53)
300-200-100-200-300 meter run
**Finished in 20:34

– – – – – –

Today’s workout felt great. My back is feeling better and stronger pulling almost from the floor and I’m able to keep lifting heavier weights.

Front squats were a little iffy, so I did have to back down on those towards the end. Still able to squat 85 lbs, no problem.

The WOD was a burner for sure but my partner was awesome. I was nervous about the KBS, but my back felt ok and continues to feel ok after some stretching.

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