8 sets of:
Power clean
Hang clean
**Pulled from 45 lb plates, worked up to 95 lbs

Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2
**Worked up to a PR of 145 lbs

Clean & jerk
Box jumps
**Pulled from 45 lb plates, using 65 lbs…10:10

– – – – – –

I got a quick workout in this morning before I have to get ready for another shift in the ED. My focus on the cleans was good form and a strong back, and I felt good pulling this.

My goal for the front squats was to see how heavy I could go without any pain, and 145 seemed like a good place to stop. I was listening to The Barbell Shrugged podcast a few days ago on the way home from work when Travis Mash talked about training into his mid forties and how PRs from his younger years are not things that he focuses on. He said essentially that you can focus on PRs from year to year, or form a certain stage in your life.

Obviously finding out about a fracture and some slippage in my back changed my training and my whole mental game. I decided this morning to establish my PRs from the time at which I found out I had a fracture in my spine. So this morning, 145 lbs was a front squat PR with zero pain. Also, pulling from the 45 lb plates is also a PR for me at 95 lbs.

Why focus on the numbers I might never be able to hit again when I can focus on new goals with this different stage in my life? I may never compete again in CrossFit, which I’ve accepted, but I’m still training to keep myself healthy and strong, and to redevelop my back to only make it stronger for the future. I won’t be defined based on things I cannot do, only things I can currently do.

Have a great day guys!

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