Just the basics.



Every 30 seconds:
Odd: 5 kb deadlifts (25#)
Even: 5 kb squats (25#)

Run 200-400 meters
10 kb snatches each arm (25#)
50 double unders

– – – – – –

Weight continues to go up on the scale, but I’m not really that concerned. I start my cycle today or tomorrow and I know that’s some of it. I’ve exercised almost everyday this week but I’ve also eating a lot of stuff, including pizza, wings and ice cream.

I read something on Instagram last night from MacroFitness: Are you being flexible with your flexible diet?

Are you flexible with your flexible diet? 
The whole point about flexible dieting is understanding that food is not your enemy, and that anything can be consumed in moderation. This creates a good relationship with food that will allow you to diet and reach your goals while you continue to enjoy life. 
But this is not always the case, many times I come across people that are absolutely strict with their macros and will never eat something they can’t count. In my opinion, this is where the ‘flexible’ part of the diet is lost. 
I understand you want results, and you want them fast. But isn’t this more of a strict/obsessive approach rather than flexible? 
I encourage you to go out and eat something that you can’t count or that doesn’t fit your macros, if you feel guilty afterwards, it means you don’t really have the true mindset of a flexible dieter nor do you have a good relationship with food. 
Food is your friend, not your enemy!”

There are times in life when you should be strict on your diet; around competitions, around weight lifting events, around big life events. But sometimes when you’re just living and enjoying your life, you should be able to enjoy your food too. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m not worried about the scale. I have time to lose the weight and to get lean, as winter is coming up.

Live and let live people! Have a great day!

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