Just the basics.


8 sets of:
High hang clean
Hang clean
**I stuck with power cleans and all from the hang. Worked up to 105 lbs

EMOM8 Back Squats
**Worked on my wonky squat form with kettle bells

3 rounds for time in 7 minutes:
15/10 cals on assault bike
10 front squat (145/125)
20 C2B pull ups
**Used 55 lbs for front squats

10 minutes hill sprints: 15 seconds sprint, 45 second jog

– – – –

And so my days off come to a close. Wah, wah. Today will consist of cleaning, relaxing, reading, and programming for some new clients (hello to you all!). There’s something to me about routine and cleaning/organizing that makes me feel peace on my days off.

I woke up this morning down another pound (146.4 lbs) so I was pretty excited about that. It seems like the weight is coming off appropriately and pretty quick from what I can remember. We even had pizza for dinner last night (yes it fit) and then some fro-yo for dessert.  It’s amazing what can happen when you stick with your program.

It’s chillier today than it has been in the past few days so a pool day is out. But I’ll take it because I love the cooler temperatures, meaning that fall should be coming soon! But not before my summer vacation with my family at the end of August!

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