Just the basics.


Today’s workout:
5 mile run with Goose at North Park
**Around 43ish minutes

– – – – –

Good morning guys! Another day off for me today (three in a row, can you believe it?!)! I absolutely love my job, but I treasure my days off even more. I started off today with just some active recovery, getting 5 miles in with Goose around the lake at North Park. I ran with my shirt off today, which is always liberating!

Yesterday I spend the day with Mike in the Strip District. We stopped at Gaucho for lunch (I ended up only getting some shrimp due to some menu confusion) and then spent the afternoon walking around and checking out some of the stores. We finally stopped at Wholey’s and got some GIANT sea scallops, shrimp and lobster/crab bisque for dinner. We purchased a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles, but it didn’t work like we had hoped on my Dad’s giant zucchini. It was still ok because I made some zucchini noodles with this nifty vegetable peeler we have.

This actually turned out to be super filling and  tasty! I definitely think zucchini noodles will be a staple for a lower carb alternative to pasta!

My macros were increased this week, only slightly and I woke up today feeling the best I have in a while!

I’m loving the changes going on with my body and can’t wait to see how things continue to progress! I’m going to give rice cauliflower a go today and see how that turns out!

Have questions or want further help?  If you’re interested in macro counting or using flexible dieting or have questions about programming, please e-mail me as well! E-mail me at antosdoeslife@gmail.com!

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