Just the basics.


High hang power clean
Hang power clean
Hang squat clean
**Worked up to 95 lbs

Squat Work 3 x 10
5 lb plate squat
Box squat
**Still trying to correct my crappy squat form

WOD: Box Jump “DT”
5 rounds
12 box jump
9 hang power clean
6 jerk

– – – – –

I had a decent night shift last night, go to leave a bit early, but didn’t have that great of a sleep. I woke up around 9 am and tried to sleep again until at least 11 am. I woke up and decided to get a workout in today instead of tomorrow, and I’m glad I did.

I attempted to pull 55 lbs from the floor today and am progressing well. I’m able to lift it with minimal pain, which is pretty much where I was before.

Today I have to go in 2 hours early for my shift and work 3pm-3am. Ugh, such a crappy shift. But I started my day with some Casein stuffed protein french toast and some mini M&Ms, which is always a great start to any day!

Also, day 5 of following perfect macros and I am down to 147.2 lbs this morning…that’s 3 lbs down from Sunday! It’s amazing what kind of progress you’ll make when you actually stick to your macros and your plan!

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