Just the basics.


Today’s Workout:

High hang snatch
Hang snatch
**Worked up to 65 lbs

Back Squats 7-5-3-1-3-5-7
**Worked on squat technique with kettle bell and box squats

3 rounds for time:
10 snatch (95/65)
200 meter sprint
**5:50, all snatches were from the hang

11 minutes of HIIT on the Assault bike; 15 seconds hard, 45 seconds easy

– – – – –

I’m continuing to feel better each day with my back pain and the exercises I can do. I’ve been sleeping with a pillow under my knees which has been great for decreasing discomfort and making me significantly less stiff in the morning. I am still only pulling from the hang and am lifting absolutely nothing from the ground (that’s what got me into this mess!). Everyday my back feels a little bit better, so I’m hoping slow progress will continue to improve things. I’m just happy I can get in to RAW to get a workout in with other people!

I’m 3/3 on perfect macros since checking in with my coach and promising a full week of spot on macros. Drinking more water when I feel psychologically hungry has helped a ton and only eating when I’m truly hungry. Although this backfired somewhat yesterday as I had to have an eggwhite scramble with my dinner of a burger with broccoli. I mean, that’s not the worst thing in the world, but I was definitely full after dinner!

I’ve woken up each day more driven than previously to see where I can really take my body during this time. I’m still enjoying the process and while I definitely think that the vacation without tracking and going on a full diet break was much needed, I’m ready to see how much my body can respond, and then reverse diet the appropriate way. I’m eating the same macros as I was previously eating for fat loss, and I do not feel deprived at all. My mental game is that much stronger this time around.

So after a morning of some hard workouts, I’m about to clean up the house a bit and then take a nap before I work the evening shift for the next two days. I swear my life is just a series of small naps! Have a great day guys!

2 thoughts on “07302015”

  1. Just wanted to say found you on Pinterest when I typed in iifym. I am mom of 2, 18 year old son 11 year old daughter wife and work full time . I have been working out since after giving birth to my 18 year old son , yikes after seeing my stomach 😉 have done many diets , low carb , fat free, paleo you name it . But even though I work out with weights heavy ,very little cardio , over did that ,in my 20’s 30’s , do crossfit and bodybuilding style lifting . Still not seeing results . But iifym seems like the real deal ! 46 years old weight 143 5 feet 6 inches tall. Workout 4 times a week about 1 hour 10 minutes . Question : should I calculate protein with 1.2 grams instead of just my body weight ? Cause I noticed your protein intake is about 180. Please help me figure out my macros. I know your busy . Just wanted some more guidance . Your blog is awesome . Keep up the great work . Even though I am kinda old , still trying to get your body . My husband of 26 years works out too , he encouraged me to send you an email , because you seem to know your stuff. 😊 thank you

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