5 sets:
High hang clean
Hang clean
*Focusing on technique and increasing slightly in weight.*
Worked up to 115

EMOM12: Squat Clean
*Focusing more on technique*
Worked up to 175 lbs without much difficulty. Still feeling a pain in the lower back when pulling from the floor only.
3 rounds for time:
1 RAW lap
10 hang squat cleans
10 shoulder to overhead
25 feet of walking lunges

– – – – –
I have been suffering big time the past 4 days. I get seasonal allergies each year and without fail, each year is getting worse and worse. I’ve developed a full blown body rash and wheezing which I’ve never experienced before. Today’s workout was just aweful. 
The strength portion was fine, the pain in my back is getting better but it’s still there a little bit only when pulling a clean, snatch or deadlift off the floor in the first pull. No pain when squatting. I’m icing, stretching, lacrosse balling and foam rolling and this weekend I had siginficant improvement in my pain. It’s no where near where it used to be last week!
When we got to the WOD I felt good on the first RAW lap and then everything just went to shit from there. I couldn’t breathe and I got dizzy throughout the second round. I took it easy and finished the workout, but not like my normal self. 
I finally have an inhaler waiting for me at the pharmacy so I just have to suffer through work today with some tightness in my chest. I’m taking 24 hour Claritin which is helping, but sleeping at night is miserable with my breathing. I can’t believe how terrible this is.
– – – – –
Tomorrow is my weekly update and I’m excited to see where my weight will be! I took a rest day yesterday and weighed in at 144.8 lbs after being up over the weekend. For some reason my weight goes down now when I eat more food. I’m loving it! Who knows, maybe I’ll even be at 143 again!? Either way, I’m happy my body composition is staying the same, as is my weight. Now if I could only fix my back and my allergies, I’d be back up to par!

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