Crossfit, Operation Get the Fat off of my Body


3 rounds for time
400 meter run
21 kettle bell swings (53/35)
12 pull ups

15 minutes to est. a 1 rep max:
Power clean-hang clean-push jerk
Worked up to 165, went for 175 – got the power clean but gave up the hang clean.

6 minutes partner running on the field and throwing a 10# wall ball.
3 rounds: 1 minute elbow plank

– – – – –

I love keeping my blog for the sole fact that I can look back and track my progress on important bench mark workouts, like Helen. In March of 2014, I did Helen for the first time and had this to say about it:

“I finally had someone else to do the workout with, which definitely helped to push me. I did the pull ups with my grips for the first two sets but they felt incredibly hard. I did them without the grips the last set and knocked out like 6 in a row. I even surprised myself.

I finished in 12:20 and didn’t really mind the WOD.”

12:20 vs. 8:53 in one year! That’s some impressive stuff right there. I also now have the top time at RAW and have landed another spot on the coveted white board for all of RAW.

I wasn’t evened expecting this today because my pull ups aren’t that great, but today I felt good, and linked 10 butterflies together! That’s a record! My engine is feeling great without all of the extra weight; running, burpees, pull ups, and box jumps are all easier!

I am so happy with my progress, and impressed that I was sub 9:00 today for the workout. One of the coaches said, “Sub 9 Nikki today, nothing else to do but that.” And guess what, I did.

Overall, great day of training!!!

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