Just the basics.

My Off Day Routine

7 x 1 hang snatch
Worked up to 135, which is a PR!!!
7 x 1 hang clean
After snatching, I apparently forgot how to clean. Worked up to 170 lbs.
7 x 1 jerk
Worked up to 175 without misses.

Thrusters (75 #)
Box Jumps

2 k row time trial: 7:35 – PR and made it to the RAW white board! This definitely hurt.

3 rounds:
3 rope climbs (attempted legless)
6 front squats (155#)

Station 1: On the 5 minute x 2
20 kettle bell swings (53/35)
20 box jumps
20/15 cal on the bike
Station 2: On the 5 minute x 2
20 wall balls (14# to 10′ target)
20 pull ups (ALL BUTTERFLY!)
300 meter run

After the time trial, I was beat. That was the most painful thing I have done in a very long time. I fell off the rower and my legs hurt so bad. The front squats felt heavy on the first set, then better. I attempted legless rope climbs for the first time and made it about halfway up! And lastly, my butterfly pull ups are getting more consistent! I broke them up into 7-5-4-4. I’m super proud of those!

– – – – –

Sorry for that lengthy workout log! I didn’t have time to post yesterday’s. I can’t believe I PR’d my hang snatch and my butterfly pull ups are getting more consistent! I have been working strict pull ups at least three times a week doing 5 sets of 4, slowly increasing the reps each week! I think it’s paying off!

I wanted to give you all an insight into my day off routine. I work Emergency Medicine, so I generally work 3-4 days a week but that includes weekends, holidays, and odd hours. Most of the time I have days off when no one else is around, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

During the winter time, I tend to get depressed being alone by myself all day and try to find things to fill my days. In the summer time, it gets better because I usually go to the pool or walking with Goose.

On my days off, I usually wake up early and get to RAW for a good butt kicking, like this morning. After RAW, I usually stop at the store or run errands that need to be done like go to Costco, Target, etc. Since I practice intermittent fasting, I don’t usually eat until at 11 am at the earliest. I no longer get that bottoming out feeling and intermittent fasting has become easier and easier.

After I get home, I brew up a pot of coffee and start making my protein pancakes.
protein pancakes
Today’s were topped with peanut butter, syrup and strawberries.

I usually make my breakfast while watching Ellen and Rachel Ray, two of my favorite shows. After I finish breakfast, I finish watching these shows and finish my coffee, my favorite thing of the day.

Then I think about what is left to be done for the day. Cleaning, planning Alexis’ shower, organizing, taking Goose for a walk, and soon grass cutting, hillside trimming, and flower planting!

I usually work through the afternoon and then begin thinking of ideas for dinner. Mike usually arrives home later in the evening, so everything is usually ready to eat when he gets home. After dinner we relax, watch TV, play a game, take Goose for a walk or just hang out. It all depends on how we’re feeling. This is when I usually eat my treat for the day like frozen yogurt or ice cream!

– – – – –

Well now I’m just about to finish my coffee, and then I need to get my butt in gear and get Alexis’ bridal shower invitations printed! Hoping to have some success at Office Depot!

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