If It Fits Your Macros, Operation Get the Fat off of my Body

How to Stay on Track While on Vacation

I’m sure you all have seen those posts “how to stick to your diet while eating out” or “how to keep the weight off while on vacation”. If you haven’t, I know I sure have.

This weekend, as I’m sure you know, I have been skiing in Snowshoe, WV with friends. Obviously I follow flexible dieting, so “sticking to my plan” hasn’t been too terrible, but I have definitely ran into some issues. My coaches told me that skiing doesn’t really count towards working out, although it burns a large amount of calories, so I had to stick to my “rest day” macros.

Doing that hasn’t been too bad of a challenge. In the mornings I have woken up and made my protein pancakes with some scrambled egg whites and bacon. Lunch was usually a ham and cheese sandwich with some chips. Dinner was some type of protein (chicken, chili, burger, etc). It has been harder because I eat 30 less grams of carbs on my rest days, compared to my workout days, but I have been trying to stay on track as much as possible.

Here are some go to tips for sticking to your macros while on vacation:

1. Track when you can.
If you can’t measure and weigh everything, just estimate it. If you can’t track at all, estimate in your head. The biggest thing is, don’t make it a big deal and don’t let it cause you anxiety. A few macros off here and there will not cost you all of your progress. Enjoy your vacation, but keep yourself in check.

2. Bring your essentials.
For this trip I brought my food scale, whey protein, Quest bars, oatmeal, greek yogurt and almond milk. Sometimes you can bring this stuff, sometimes you can’t. Just travel with what you can.

3. Don’t get offended or worked up about other people’s comments.
Sure people made comments about my food scale, about me weighing everything, and about me measuring things out. Do I care? Not really. Does it bother me? A little bit. No one is an expert on food, so when someone says to me, “that’s odd” or “that’s weird,” I kinda blow it off. My progress speaks louder than my food scale and macro tracking.

4. Cook your own stuff.
Every morning I woke up and made my protein pancakes. At first, some thought it was weird I made my own food, but then they saw how amazing my stack looked, and they decided to make their own pancakes. Same with most of our meals. I subbed ground beef for turkey in the chili, and planned before hand for recipes that I knew would fit my macros.

5. Be true to yourself.
Being on vacation with others is hard. There’s a lot of temptation to blow your macros and over indulge. For me, the progress I have made is worth it, and definitely keeps me in check. Of course I’ve gone over my macros a little each day, but I’m not killing myself over it. I wake up the next morning and start over again.

6. Don’t worry about what the scale says when you get home.
I’m anticipating that I’m going to weigh more when I get home. Sodium, travel, and decreased water intake will totally cause me to gain some extra pounds. I know it will go away in a few days once I get back to my normal macros and schedule. I’m not too concerned.

– – – – –

Life is all about balance. Enjoy your vacation, but do it in a way that still accomplishes your goals in the long run.

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