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Resting and Upcoming Trips!

Happy Tuesday! My last day of work after working 7 in a row! Yesterday I made some protein pancakes for work, which hit the spot!


The past couple of days I have been plagued by some pain in my sacro-iliac joint. I think it was brought on by heavy deadlifts, followed by heavy back squats. Today it was feeling much better, so I went to crossfit as normal where we did:

4 rounds:
1 min max cals on bike
20 second rest
1 min max double unders
20 second rest

Clean and Jerks (185/135)
10 chest to bar
10 plyo push ups
10 weighted air squat jumps (30/20)
…after each round of clean and jerks
Time: 19:23

I felt pretty decent with the workout, but at this point in the day I’m feeling the pain again. My job involves a large amount of sitting (when documenting between patients) and driving (at least 1 hour each way). I’ve been using some Icy Hot and now I just took Motrin, which is making it feel 100% better. I knew I should have started the Motron earlier, but just kinda forgot.

This upcoming week from Thursday to Tuesday I am heading to Snowshoe West Virginia for some skiing with friends. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this! 5 days of snow, mountains, fires and hanging out with some great company. I’ve been on for 7 days at work, and I’m definitely ready for a break.

During this time I’m still going to track my macros and take my food scale with me. I wont be working out at all, attempting to heal this inflammation in my SI joint. My coaches emailed me and told me that these days will have to be rest day macros (30 grams less of carbs) because I won’t really be working out, which is a huge bummer. I wish I could just eat all of the things!

Regardless my life does not revolve around working out and food. I plan on being reasonable with my choices and trying to stay on track with my macros, but not obsessive. I have made great progress so far, and I’m hoping to continue that without letting a trip with friends derail it!

Progress from September until yesterday…


I’m just hoping to keep it going through this trip and our upcoming cruise!

Happy Tuesday all!

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