Just the basics.

Sunday January 11, 2015

Good morning!

Today’s workout was brought to you by my garage gym. I got my Barbell WOD in and then my HIIT in, all in under an hour!

1. Clean and Jerk: 1 x 5
Worked my way up to 170, 5 lbs up from last week’s workout.

I also did 165 beltless which was awesome!!

These felt great. Form is getting better in the back leg. Hoping to increase weight next week too as I made all of these lifts!

2. Box Squats: 4 x 3
Worked up to 195 lbs, 10 lbs up from last week! And yes, I have to use a cooler!

3. 3 RFT: 6 pull ups, 9 dips, 12 TTB
I did not do this for time. Just completed it.

After all of that I did my HIIT (12 minutes) and called it a day. I had to get to work on time.

There’s an ice advisory tonight for when I get off of work and through the night to the morning. Hoping I can at least make it home!

Overall I felt really good today. I’m still in the 146s and lifting heavy weight consistently while continuing to get stronger! I’m hoping for a 200 lb clean soon!

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