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2014 Burden Games

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I worked 90+ hours last week due to a family emergency at one of the ERs I work in and was getting ready for my first ever crossfit competition!


I had a freaking blast! Four people from Crossfit North Park made the 1 hour and 45 minute journey from Pittsburgh to Morgantown Saturday morning. We arrived around 7 am and checked in. The workouts weren’t announced until about 45 minutes prior to the heats going off for each division. They had a scaled division and an Rx division. The Rx division for women has standards such as 95 lbs for most movements (cleans, push press, front squats), pull ups, toes to bar, and hand stand push ups. The scaled version had a little bit easier movements and weights like 65 lbs for most movements, regular push ups, sit ups, etc. The men also had the same two divisions, Rx (135 lbs for most movements) and scaled (95 lbs for most movements).

We hung out for about an hour and then the head coaches at Crossfit Morgantown announced what the competition was benefiting: The Chestnut Mountain Ranch, a local non-profit organization for young boys with a troubling life or upbringing. They provide outdoor activities, exercise, and education for these boys. It is a wonderful organization and some of the boys even competed!

They finally announced the first workout which was:

7 minute AMRAP:
800 meter run with a 15 lb plate
Front Squats 135/95

We strategized over how we should do this workout and decided to split the 800 into two 400’s. We then decided to just go on the front squats until we couldn’t go anymore.



We ended up getting around 66 front squats, and our male partners told us that it was probably the most squats out of our heat. We ended up finishing in 5th place after the first workout.

Then we watched the guys attempt…

They rocked and finished in 8th place.

We tried to stay warm in between the workouts and waiting for the announcement of WOD 2 which was:

7 minutes to establish a 1 rep max of:
Hang Clean
Shoulder to Overhead (Jerk)

Luckily we worked on these the week before the competition. The rate limiting step is the hang clean, since you’re only lifting it from just above your knees. This past week I PR’d my hang clean at 120. I can clean 145 lbs from the ground, but hang cleaning it is a little different. I also PR’d my jerk the week before the competition at 160lbs, but again the hang clean really limits how much you can lift.


Getting ready to Jerk.


Split jerk!


Bringing it back together.


Bringing it back up after cleaning it.

So I PR’d my hang clean at 135 lbs at this competition. Like I said my previous was 120 lbs so I was ecstatic. I was not that far behind some of the girls who have been crossfitting for several years.

My partner 1 rep’d 105 lbs, which was still awesome for her.

We ended up finishing in 6th overall after the first two workouts.

The boys also attempted and had amazing form, something I wish to get better at…

The third WOD was probably the worst out of all of them…

11 minute AMRAP
70 box jumps
50 partner burpees
30 toes to bar
10 ground to overhead
30 toes to bar
50 partner burpees
70 box jumps

I have never worked that hard in my life during a WOD. The “jump over partner” burpees were the worst. Or maybe it was toes to bar, I’m not exactly sure. The ground to overhead was 95 lbs, and I did most of them since I am able to lift the heavier stuff a little better.

A little toes to bar action.

And then the guys attempted. This was the aftermath…

After the third WOD, we didn’t really think that we had done THAT great, but when the results were announced, we finished in 5th place. We didn’t realize that the top 5 teams would advance to finals…which meant another WOD from hell.

We were so surprised that the last WOD was seriously icing on the cake, we just wanted to have fun and compete in the last round.

WOD 4:

Partner 1:
100 double unders
”Diane” 21-15-9
Deadlifts 155 lbs
Hand Stand Push Ups

Partner 2:
100 double unders
”Fran” 21-15-9
Thrusters 65 lbs
Pull ups

20 minute time cap

My partner was running the half marathon in Pittsburgh the next day, so I decided to do the deadlifts, after her back was tight from the cleans. The WOD started and I got through the double unders, messing up about 5 times. I got through the first 21 deadlifts and attempted the handstand push ups. I had never done HSPU with an ab mat and 25 lb plates on either side, which makes it a little more difficult. I got through about three of them, but then was so exhausted I just couldn’t lock my arms out. I felt like such a failure, and was about to give up. My partner came up to me and said “We can DQ, and work together to get through the workout alternating.” I didn’t care about winning, I didn’t even care about DQing. This was our first competition and we made it to the finals! I said, yes, absolutely and we worked together to get through Diane. We weren’t the only team who did this, as two others followed suit.

We made it through Diane and and my partner got through about 50 of her double unders. It didn’t matter that we didn’t finish, or that we DQ’d. It just mattered that we tried our hardest and for only crossfitting for 3 months each, we made it to finals. The thing about Crossfit is that it’s a community of people who respect each other and work hard. My partner totally became everything that is crossfit when she saw me struggling and suggest that we work together.

Telling my partner to get a big kip up for her HSPU

Flying while doing double unders.

Getting through the deadlifts.

– – – – –

After the competition we went to get beer, wings, and junk food to celebrate our finish. My partner traveled home to get ready for the half marathon while I stuck around with the guys for an after party at a local bar. We drank way too many beers and talked too way too many crossfitters, but it was really an awesome time.

I definitely think we will go back next year for this event. A competition really shows you your weaknesses (HSPUs and clean form) but it allowed me to see how I rank compared to some of the other girls. I have a long way to go with Crossfit and know that this is just the beginning, but I am already 100% in love with it.

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