Just the basics.

A Few Truths

I have a few truths to share with you all. My opinion of things are always constantly changing, so I like to check in and see what I’m thinking about things every once in a while.

– – –

My new dream car:

Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

My prior dream car:

Jeep Grand Cherokee

I love the Grand Cherokee because it is THE luxury car made by Jeep. My Dad and Mom both have one, and Mike just recently bought one and he loves it. We are a Jeep family through and through. My sister has a 2 door Wrangler and will soon be buying a Liberty and I currently own a Liberty…

I absolutely LOVE my Liberty. When I was deciding which car to buy for my first purchase, I knew that I would be doing a lot of driving and upgraded to get heated leather seats and a navigation system. I have wanted a Grand Cherokee for so long because it is just the ultimate in luxury SUV’s, but now I’m really leaning towards an Unlimited. There is no comparison for riding in a Jeep in the summer with the top down. It’s fun, it’s small and it will get you anywhere in any weather. The new Unlimited Jeeps now come with power locks, power windows, heated leather seats and navigation. They’re almost the same price as the Cherokee.

I’m not in the market for a new car, but probably will be in about 3-4 years. My car is 2.5 years old with 43,000 miles. So yeah, I do a lot of driving!

– – –

I am obsessed with this song…

I am somewhat obsessed with rap music. My close friends know this, and they know that I will rap on cue. Those who don’t know me are certainly surprised by this.

I have also found a new genre of music I love: Trap

Trap music is what I like to call a Mix between Dubstep and rap. It used a large amount of bass, double time and triple time beats and synthesizers. Trap music is the best kind of music to listen to if you want to pump yourself up…or to workout to. I would love to introduce the Crossfit gym to trap, but I’m not sure they’re quite ready for it.

Some of my favorites:

I really have to credit Kevin for introducing me to Trap music on Spotify. It’s about all I listen to now. I’m a big fan of music with loud bass and a good beat. It puts me in the greatest mood.

– – –

So far I am just okay with my short hair cut. I don’t absolutely love it but I don’t absolutely hate it. I miss my long hair but am definitely enjoying the time I save getting ready in the morning. I think I’m still a long hair girl…even though it gets really heavy and ends up just in a pony tail. I think I’m going to try to style it in my somewhat naturally curly state and see what happens.

– – –

I want to have as many cook outs and parties this summer as humanly possible. I feel like we never use our deck and backyard as much as we should and summertime is great for this.

So far I know we’re going to have a get together Memorial Day for friends (possibly family) and a Crossfit get together/bonfire at some point. Mike is a little nervous about the noise level with a Crossfit party, because as evident by out last get together…we got a little rowdy. But that’s what makes it fun. And a little noise violation from the police never hurt anyone really.

– – –

I still absolutely love IIFYM, but I’m trying to incorporate more fresh fruits into my diet. Summertime is the best time of year for strawberries, peaches and nectarines…all of which I love. I love my strawberry poptarts but I also love fresh strawberries even more!

– – –

And because I could not stop laughing when I found this yesterday…

This made me really laugh....

Everyone in the ER was looking at me like I was insane. It was just too funny.

– – –

So I started my “5 day vacation” today and so far I’m loving it. I’m going to try to get some cleaning done today because I haven’t done that in forever and we’re having Easter dinner here on Sunday.Got to pass the mother in law cleaning test!

Have a great day guys!

1 thought on “A Few Truths”

  1. Summer cookouts sound like so much fun! I can’t wait for things like that! And yes to fresh fruit… watermelon for the win! I love the dog meme/picture! Hilarious!

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