Just the basics.

Wish List

I’ve noticed I’ve been pinning a lot of things I wish I could have, so I thought why not share them…because they’re awesome and my taste in fashion is awesome.
"For Your Stylish Life" Maxi Dress in Navy
I’ve never worn a Maxi dress or skirt in my life, but I think this summer would be a great start.

Strappy brown sandles/wedges for summer. I wore shorts and wedges almost every day on our cruise and I loved it. I will definitely be doing it more this summer to show off my squat and deadlifting legs (you think I’m kidding…I work hard for those hammies).

Majestic Pittsburgh Pirates Ladies Must Win Tank Top - Black
Baseball season is almost upon us and I love all things Pirates. Not specifically the Pittsburgh Pirates, but I have a special affinity to the “arrrrggg” Pirates.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker --- too freaking cool..only $21
Blue tooth shower speaker. Because I can’t shower without music. I hate showering and music is the only thing that makes it more bearable.

Maid Of Honor Tank - Ruffles with Love - Sweating for the Wedding - Wedding Tank
Hahaha, yes!

Really like the dress
Summer dresses.

perfect two piece
Bright two pieces!

L Space Macrame Pink Bikini
And fun two pieces!

A very pretty Light Gray Cotton Scarf
Light scarves.

– – – – –

In the workout section:

Hakuna Masquata- BAHHAHAHAHA!!!
I mean, come on. How can you not this this is funny?

This Is My HSPU Shirt Racerback Tank Top - Crossfit Tank Top - Workout Shirt - Handstand Push Up Shirt
Get it? You’re upside down for hand stand push ups. Except I just take my shirt off…it just gets in the way.

Because…well I can.

Hahaha, yes.

A little vulgar but how I sometimes feel.

Seriously, someone buy me all of these.

I want these workout shorts, I hate the kind where the elastic cuts into your fat.
Lulu lemon…if I could afford them.

– – – – –

So if anyone wants to buy all of the above for me…that’d be great. Smile

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