Crossfit, Just the basics.

I’m So Out There I Slap 5’s with E.T.

First of all, my heart and prayers go out to all of those involved in the Franklin Regional stabbing. This world just keeps getting more messed up everyday. Bullying, people throwing around harsh words without a second thought, and kids being pressured everyday. I hope that the families of those involved can somehow find some peace after all of this is done.

– – – – –

I love this song (hence the title)

I usually always listen to this before Crossfit because it gets me pumped up. Today was no exception.

I love blogging because it gives me a place to just get it all out there. Like the other day when I was having an “off” mood. I thought about it for a while and realized that I can’t let my short comings in Crossfit get me down. I just started less than three months ago, I have a lot of improving to do.

That being said, yesterday was a weightlifting day and I PR’d the shit out of it.

Back Squat:
Prior 1 Rep Max: 210
Yesterday I did 210 lbs x 2.

Shoulder Press:
Prior 1 Rep Max: 90 lbs
Yesterday I did 85 lbs x 5.

Push Press:
Prior 1 Rep Max: 125 lbs
Yesterday I did 115 lbs x 3.

Push Jerk:
No prior 1 Rep Max but I did 145 lbs yesterday.

I love back squatting. I love squatting in general. To get over 200 lbs was a big achievement for me, but 210 lbs x 2 felt amazing. That’s heavier than some of the guys.

So while Sunday I felt defeated by pull ups, yesterday I felt ignited by my back squat and push jerk. It’s amazing how Crossfit does that to you. Exposes your weaknesses and then builds you right back up.

– – – – –

I also made my second serious Crossfit purchase…

My first pair of official Olympic lifting shoes. These puppies weren’t cheap by any means, but I’m hoping they’ll help me hit more PR’s. They are more rigid in the heel to help keep your feet stable when performing Olympic lifts, yet flexible in the toes for the WODs.

– – – – –

I also found this amazing video on Youtube yesterday about females and lifting…

All ladies need to watch this who fear getting “bulky”.

– – – – –

My rip is healing well and I am pain free. Still keeping it covered during workouts, but at least I can do them.

I’m working the overnight shift tonight so will probably clean up a little bit and then nap this afternoon.

I also forgot to tell you all that I got my hair chopped off again…

It’s gone. 5 inches chopped off. It makes doing double unders easier…but barely fits into a pony tail. It was time for a change and so far I’m happy with it.

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