Crossfit, Just the basics.

Off Mood

Today I have been super duper lazy. I had a pretty awful weekend at work, as far as weekends go so I was definitely happy to have two days off. Friday was ridiculously busy and then Saturday I actually saw a patient with a STEMI (S-T elevation MI)…aka…heart attack. That was a little stressful to say the least, but the doc took over pretty quickly after we saw the EKG. She made it to the cath lab and is doing well.

– – – – –

I got to work out twice this weekend at Crossfit, but yesterday by far killed my hands more than any other workout.

Sunday’s are Heros, so I knew it was going to be bad.


I Rx’d everything, with the exception of the deadlifts which were done at 155 lbs. The first three rounds I used wraps and or grips for my hands for the pull ups but found that it was very difficult to do them. I then took them off and did the next 3 rounds without anything on my hands. Awful idea. I ripped on my right hand in the center of my palm but kept going. I put my wraps back on and literally fought through every pull up rep in this workout. My hands were in serious pain afterwards.

A total of 120 pull ups left me with 3 blisters, 1 blood blister, and 1 serious rip. I am paying for them all today.

I finished in 33:11 but was seriously discouraged by my hands and my lack of strength in pull ups. I know I will get better, but it’s frustrating ripping everytime and not having the upper body and back strength to do more than 6 kipping pull ups in a row.

– – – – –

Today I am nursing my right hand back to life. My left hand is in decent shape and I almost thought about going to Crossfit today, but thought it would be better to let my rip heal and hopefully get back tomorrow.

I did the green tea bag thing last night, which seemed to help a little bit, but then like the idiot that I am, thought that putting the liquid new skin over the rip would actually let me get back to Crossfit today. I did this before with a rip and all I got out of it was severe pain. Even after it dries and stops stinging, any movement or flexion of my hands burns.

So I wiped it off, washed it with soap and water, put some A&D ointment on it (my go-to) and actually bought the Band-Aid brand bandages that are supposed to stay on for multiple days. I did some more investigating online and a lot of people have had success with keeping their rips covered with these, especially to keep bacteria out, and have had faster healing with them.

It’s kind of an awkward place for a bandage since its in the middle of my palm, and my palm always gets sweaty. So far it’s holding up ok. The edges are lifting a little bit, and where my palm flexes I kinda have to keep pushing it down, but it’s definitely not as painful or irritated as it was before.

– – – – –

As for the rest of my day off, I’m feeling kinda off because of my weekend and my hand and the rain outside isn’t helping much. I brought my sister’s gel nailpolish stuff over so I might do my nails, or I may just continue reading Allegiant. All I know is that my mind is mentally stressed out from this weekend and I need a break. I don’t have to go back to that ER for at least another month and I am definitely happy about it. This is why I love being a floater. My shifts later this week are all at sites that I love going to. Thank goodness for that.

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