Book Challenege 2014


Another book review for you all today!

I can’t believe how quickly I have moved through this series. I read Divergent in 2 days, but this one took me a little longer.

This is the second installment to the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.

It is set in post-apocalyptic times, after the government has set this section of the city behind a wall, and into four different factions; Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, and Erudite. And then there are the Factionless, who do not have a faction and are comparable to homeless.

The first book basically goes into the choice the 16 year olds of the society make at the Choosing Ceremony, held once a year, after taking an aptitude test, which recommends which faction they should belong to. To stay with their faction or to transfer into one they feel is right for them. If they transfer, they go through an initiation period, which is basically the entire story of the first novel.

At the end of the first novel, a war erupts with one faction attempting to control all of the other factions entirely.

The second book is the story after the war, after it is somewhat over, and what remains after the destruction.

Tri, the main character and a few of her other Dauntless friends are called Divergent. Divergent can’t be categorized into a specific faction and they cannot be controlled mentally. They are initially considered dangerous to the leaders of the factions, but as we find out at the end of this book, they have a specific role in their society.

The entire second book goes through an internal struggle for Tris. Whether she should protect herself and her fellow Divergent by dying for them, whether she should possibly destroy her relationship with another Divergent by lying and working with his biggest enemy; his father, or whether she should set the truth free about why the city is trapped behind a giant wall, the goal both of her parents were trying to obtain before they were both killed.

In the end, she does all of these things. She nearly dies, she nearly loses her love, but she exposes the truth for all of society to see. She follows in her parent’s footsteps and does what she thinks is right, which changes the entire way they have ever thought about their city in the past.

– – – – –

The middle of this book got slow, but then definitely picked up, which was probably why it took me so long to get through.

The ending was completely shocking and totally made me want to read more. We finally figure out that there is something outside of the city walls, and something that needs the help of the Divergent.

– – – –

Overall I really liked this read, but thought the first one was better in the series.

I apologize if my reviews are very vague, but I don’t think it’s fun to spoil a book with a review.

If you like The Hunger Games and other post-apocalyptic reads, then I have no doubt you will enjoy this one.

Now on to finish the last one, Allegiant.

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