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Kindle Paperwhite

If you’ve been reading here over the past few days, you would know that I recently bought a Kindle Paperwhite after my Kindle shit the bed and the screen cracked. We were in Snowshoe for a weekend get away when I realized the screen was cracked. I don’t know how it happened, but it did…and now it is completely black.

I had a second generation Kindle…

It even still had the built in keyboard, which I thought was totally still normal, but apparently I am very behind the Kindle technology times. I loved that Kindle and it lasted me probably a good 7 years.

The Kindle is the only type of e-reader I have ever owned, so I am a little bit biased. I have tried reading on my i-Pad and it just doesn’t work. I have never tried a color e-reader, but personally only use my Kindle for reading. No surfing the web, no playing games, no checking e-mails and that’s why I love the kindle. It’s a straight up e-reader, and that’s it. You won’t be distracted by notifications about games or e-mails. Just the book in front of you.

So when my Kindle crapped out on me, I talked with my good friend Kevin about which one would be the next best step; a regular kindle or the Paperwhite. As a Kindle enthusiast, he said immediately the Paperwhite.

The regular Kindles start at around $69. This does not include 3G service, but WIFI service so that you can downloads books in areas with free Wifi. The regular Kindle is essentially a simple e-reader, but with a crystal clear no glare screen that reads like paper.

It is super light – less than 6 ounces –  and fits in your pocket.

Kindle books are delivered over WIFI in less than 60 seconds.

The battery lasts around 4 weeks, with WIFI turned off.

There are now over 1 million Kindle books priced at $4.99 or less, and 1.7 million at $9.99 or less. A significant amount of change you’re saving, if you were to buy the books in hard copy.

You can take the Kindle anywhere with you, and read it in any setting. I read it on the beach on our honeymoon, at the pool, on our deck, whatever…in direct sunlight with absolutely no glare. Try doing that in other e-readers.

– – – – –

Now the biggest difference with the Kindle and the Paperwhite (still Kindle and Amazon) is the built in light for easy reading with no eye-strain.

As opposed to the i-Pad, the brightness on the Paperwhite is totally adjustable depending on the light you’re sitting in. If it’s really bright outside, you turn the light down all the way and read like a regular Kindle. If it’s dark (like before bed) you turn it up. The light is great because it’s not so bright at night that it’s glaring or lighting up the entire room. It would be perfect for traveling when you don’t want to disturb the driver with a bright light in the back seat.

The price is significantly higher, starting at $119, but in my opinion…definitely worth it.

The battery life was increased from 4 weeks to 8 weeks without WIFI.

The back lighting itself is worth the extra money. No more finding lamps, or travel lights to take with you Kindle.

The Paperwhite is definitely smaller and lighter than my second gen. Kindle, which I love. You can hold it in one hand without any fatigue and it has a grip-like surface to it so that it doesn’t slip out of your fingers.

There is a built in dictionary, ability to change the font size, the font itself or the orientation.

It is a touch screen, which threw me off a little when I first got it because my prior Kindle had a keyboard and next buttons for page flips.

– – – – –

I am definitely happy with my purchase of the Paperwhite and Kevin’s recommendation. I take it everywhere with me because it’s so tiny, and I’m definitely reading more that I ever did before. Bed-time was my big time to check Instagram and Facebook, which would only make falling asleep harder because of my bright cell phone screen. Now I have the ability to read while Mike falls asleep and relax myself and fall asleep faster, and that’s one of my favorite things about it.

Amazon definitely has it right with the Kindle and the Paperwhite. You can’t go wrong with either.

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