Crossfit, Just the basics.

Toes in the Water

You can’t listen to Zac Brown Band and continue to be in a bad mood. It is physically impossible. I’m listening to “Chicken Fried” right now.

Zac Brown looks homeless to me. But his voice is amazing, further proving that looks are not everything.

There’s something about the spring weather and the start of summer that puts me in the biggest country mood ever. This will usually last until the end of September, and then I just can’t handle it anymore. I think it has to do with the amount of country concerts that take place in the summer, the amount of country music played at parties, and the fact that most country songs revolve around summer time.

And yes, I do love country music…and I am not a country bumpkin. I even managed to turn Mike onto country music this past summer and took him to Nashville for our anniversary. How about that?!

– – – – –

Today is my day off (kinda) and I am loving days off even more than I ever did. I technically worked until around 3 AM, and now have today “off”. The worst part about working this type of schedule is getting yourself off of nights and back onto days. I have found that you can’t sleep in the entire day once you get off of a night shift, or else you won’t be able to sleep that night to get back on days. It is such a slippery balance. My life currently feels like a series of small naps, because that’s all that I’m doing. I’m not complaining, I love my job, just flipping back and forth is really hard on the sleep system.

So I slept about 6ish house, woke up and headed to crossfit. I am generally trying to go to crossfit as much as possible unless my schedule doesn’t allow it. I’ve gone 4 days in a row, and will probably go tomorrow, but will take two days off this week.

Today we did Helen,

35# kettle bell swings to Rx, which isn’t that difficult.

I finally had someone else to do the workout with, which definitely helped to push me. I did the pull ups with my grips for the first two sets but they felt incredibly hard. I did them without the grips the last set and knocked out like 6 in a row. I even surprised myself.

I finished in 12:20 and didn’t really mind the WOD.

Now I’m somewhat torn between wearing grips for my hands during pull ups or not. The pull ups were definitely easier without the grips, but I really need to take care of my hands if I’m going to  do them without. If we do something like Murph with 100 pull ups in a row, I think tape might be the best option.

– – – – –

After crossfit I took the Goose man to the dog park and for a little trail hiking.

It was muddy as hell and there were no dogs in the dog park, but we played some fetch and them hit the trails for a little walk. Goose stalked birds, caught some scents and ran around like the spaz that he is. He’s my favorite guy.

Just hanging out after our little trip.

– – – – –

The rest of my days off are usually spent cleaning, which is no different from today.

Mike usually does the laundry and I handle most of the cleaning. I usually do the main rooms; kitchen, bathrooms, living room and our bedroom. It generally takes me about an hour to clean everything, and then sometimes I put in the extra effort to put random crap away.

We have to do our taxes tonight and I am definitely not looking forward to that. At least I bought asparagus for dinner so we can grill out in this beautiful Pittsburgh weather!

Have a great day guys!

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