Crossfit, Operation Get the Fat off of my Body



Thrusters and burpees. What a deadly combination.

I did this today and honestly thought that the Saturday morning class was going to be packed…but it wasn’t. Again it was me and the coach.

For me, doing this workout was more mental than physical. I can do the thrusters, and I don’t really mind them too much, but there is literally NO rest in this WOD.

You jump right from thrusters to burpees to thrusters to burpees. And not only do you have to do burpees, you have to jump over the bar to do the burpees.

I finished in 17:17, and was completely gassed after this workout.

– – – – –

I have basically made up my mind that next year I will compete in the Crossfit Open. In a year’s time, I will hopefully be back squatting 250-270, have my pull ups, chest to bars, muscle ups, and toes to bar perfected and be stronger at them. In a year’s time with consistent Crossfit, I’m thinking that I could be at the regional level and so do some of my coaches.

This is something that I have grown to love; pushing myself everyday to see how far mentally and physically I can go. Somedays it’s really far, some days it’s less.

A lot of the fellow members at my crossfit box are also encouraging me to sign up as well. That means that this summer will be spent working on my weaknesses and continuing to build on my strength. I can’t wait to see how far I can take my body and how much I can improve.

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