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I am Buddy the Elf

I am essentially buddy the elf.

As I was making my breakfast today after crossfit, I decided I wanted waffles…because it fit my macros. I was kinda getting tired of the usual egg whites and thought about putting some sugar free syrup on my egg whites, because I really love syrup. And so I did. And it was delicious to me. This is not the first time I have done this…but I am essentially Buddy the Elf. I could drink syrup straight out of the bottle. I am so weird.

– – – – –

So today was Shirtless Hero WOD Sunday. I almost didn’t go, because I got home around 3 am and only got around 6-7 hours of sleep. I thought when I woke up, “maybe I’ll just sleep in and take this as a rest day”, but by the time 10:15 rolled around, I couldn’t sleep anymore.

When I showed up, three of my coaches were just hanging out. One had coached the 9:30 am session, one was going to coach the 11:00 am session, and the other apparently was doing the WOD with me at 11:00 am. Turns out I was the only other person that showed up to that session.

Talk about intimidating

The third coach was actually really glad to see me because he didn’t want to do the WOD alone. And I was glad someone else was there because I’ve had to do the WOD’s alone the past 2 days. Apparently no one wants to come to crossfit with me. But I mean, I’ll take it. It’s like having a personal trainer!

So I warmed up and what not, and then the coach who was supposed to “teach” the 11:00AM session decided that he was going to do the WOD with us too.

It just keeps getting better. So three coaches and me. The coach from the previous session was going to hang out because he had some people coming in to do 14.5 after our session.

Out Hero WOD for the day was:


I scaled the shit out of this WOD.

I did deadlifts at 155lb, 20 inch box jumps, 14 lb wall balls, 65 lb bench press, an 95 lb cleans.

20 inch box jumps and 14 lb wall balls are the standards for females, so I tried to keep with that. The weight lifting is all about 70% of my 1 rep max for each lift. And those weights are not easy.

I dubbed Sunday Hero WODS as a shirtless activity, and we all stuck with that today. I mean, you’re gonna get sweaty anyways, why not have less clothes on to make you feel just a little bit cooler…but remember, me and two extremely fit and strong coaches doing this workout.

So the coaches obviously Rx’d the workout, but they are also males, and they can also lift a butt-ton more than me.

I finished first at 25:50. I realized I scaled it a lot, but it was definitely still challenging. The 95 lb cleans were extremely difficulty. I broke up the deadlifts into singles to save my form and my back. Everything else I tried to break into two sets of 12 or 4 sets of 6. I even got my first box jump casualty as I miss stepped and hit my shin on the box.

– – – – –

Generally I love the Hero WODs because they are some of the most challenging workouts one will ever do. Some people don’t show up for Heros because of how hard they are, but I like to show up to see how far I can push my body. I’ll never not show up for a workout after looking at it. If I commit it to my schedule, then I’m going to go no matter what. There were times I probably should have stayed home because I was too sore (i.e. when my triceps were soooo stiff when I first started), but now-a-days I’m not sore very often and would never back out after viewing the workout.

When I first walked in the coaches said, “you actually showed up today.”

And I said, “yeah”.

And then they said, “Did you look at the workout?”

And I said, “yep”.

And finally they said…”…and you still decided to come?”

Of course. Hero’s are hard for a reason. If you’re going to better yourself, you’ve got to push yourself to the limit and then some. And why not do it honoring someone who lost their life so that we can continue to live free?

– – – – –

I need to invest in some fun colored sports bras as well if I’m going to continue shirtless Hero WOD Sunday.

Any females out there have some suggestions of decently priced fun sports bras??

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