Just the basics.

Feelin’ Free

I have to tell you that this “no social media or distracting apps” thing is kinda wonderful. I was thinking really hard about it yesterday and decided I really like it. I no longer have the feeling that I am missing out on something, or that I need to check something, or constantly be looking at my phone.

Instead of rushing to either get ready, pack my food, or get out the door, I’m now early because I actually get the stuff done on time instead of browsing my phone wasting some minutes.

The one place where it seems to be more obvious is at work. Instead of being quiet, staring at a phone screen, I have found that I socialize a little bit more and even started doing some learning. I took one of my Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: Emergency Medicine books and read up on some of the conditions that are a little bit more complicated and I am a little but unfamiliar with. It actually turned out to be beneficial because I worked up a patient with one of the conditions I was reading about.

I am however looking for some things to fill the void. Blogging is one, and catching up on all of the blogs on my blog roll is another. I want to start reading but I need some book recommendations, and a new kindle.

On our trip to Snowshoe I went to read the second night there and found out my Kindle screen was cracked. Mike told me to go ahead and buy a new one…

AKA the Kindle Paperwhite

Found at Amazon.

I think I may go for it, but I also have a few actual books that I want to get through as well.

If anyone has some recommendations that would be great!!!

But overall I am loving this and feeling really free. In a world where we feel like we need to be constantly connected, being disconnected for a little bit is a great feeling.

– – – – –

I took my much needed day off from Crossfit but went last night still feeling a little sore.

Last night we worked up to our 2 rep max for front squat. I am probably one of two girls who actually lifts really heavy, and my partner in crime was there last night to get through this workout.

Our coach looked up our prior 1 rep max’s and told us to 2 rep our 1 rep max. I didn’t actually look mine up, but he told me to get up to a 2 rep of 185 lbs for a front squat.

I got up to 175 lbs for two reps, and attemped 185, but only got 1 rep out and was kinda bummed.

After class I looked up my prior 1 rep for front squat and it turns out it was 175 lbs. So in reality I 2 rep’d my 1 rep max. The coach tricked me into lifting heavier and establishing a new 1 rep max for my front squat. Ugh, they are so tricky like that! It was an awesome feeling last night after I realized that!

After that little weight lifting session we did this torture:


Instead of doing the 70 lb thrusters, I had to do 75 lb because we ran out of 2.5 lb plates. Haha, seriously. This would only happen to me.

The rest was a “REST” but you had to do the burpees, toes to bar and burpees to get that 2:00 of rest. So really it was only 1 minute of rest.

My four rounds of thrusters looked like this: 20, 18, 18, 20

I beat one of our coaches in reps, and Rx+’d with 5 lbs. It was an awesome day, but I really felt like dying after this.

– – – –

Today’s work out was a little bit better.

It was just me and the coach so we started with trying to find a 1 rep max for snatch.

That’s a snatch, if you didn’t know. I didn’t before I started Crossfit.

I worked my way up to 85 lbs, attempted 105 twice and failed. My 1 rep max is 95 lbs, but I really want to get over 100. One day, just not today.

Then we did Christine:

PicMonkey Sample

It helps if you don’t weigh a lot to get through the deadlifts.

I Rx’d this in 13:18. Deadlifted 155 lbs.

I liked this one, just wish I weighed 145 for the deadlifts, hahaha.

My hands are still destroyed from The Seven…

But they’re healing quite nicely. It makes it really hard to grip the bar when your hands are all torn up. I ordered wrist grips for pull ups and toes to bar and I cannot wait for them to come in.

– – – – –

Lastly, I found this great station on Spotify: Songs to Sing in the Shower.

You should seriously listen to it if you have spotify, and if not, sign up for it right now. These songs are spot on.

Also, today is high carb day…we’re talking 245 glorious carbs. I started my day with a protein shake and two pop tarts. Thank you reverse diet. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Feelin’ Free”

  1. You are so inspiring seriously to give up all social media. I honestly don’t think I could do it. I’m glad you are finding what you were looking for though by giving it up. I have to deplug around 8-9 every night otherwise I find myself not actually getting to bed. I wonder what would happen if I deplugged more often…ha.

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