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Weekly Update (More Like Weeks)

I’m still on the Reverse diet thing. We did go on a cruise (more to come later this week) so tracking my macros and intake was a little bit difficult. I did try to remain somewhat controlled on the cruise, but definitely indulged with ice cream, coffee and dessert. I made a habit of drinking 4 liters of water everyday because when I get dehydrated in the sun I end up getting a weird rash. I can’t explain it, it just happens.


Last week’s weight (prior to cruise): 153

This week’s weight (today): 157

I was up to 159 when I came back, but a lot of travel tends to cause some weight gain. When I saw 159 on the scale, I was initially a little freaked out, but knew that it would start to come back down once I got back to my normal eating patterns. I also had very little equipment to exercise with on the cruise. The fitness center was always packed! So I tried to do 20 minute body weight Crossfit work outs on the track, which was awesome because you were working out while floating on the Caribbean sea!

Macros this week have been increased to:

Protein 160

Carbs 165

Fat 52

Slowly but surely increasing carbs and fats each week.

– – – – –

Two of this week’s most challenging workouts were the following:

1. 14.3 of The Crossfit Open

8 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible)

If you want to watch the elite do it…fast forward to 13:00…

When I came back from the cruise to Crossfit, I actually PR’d all of my lifts that we did that week:

Back Squat: 210 lbs up from 185 lbs

Deadlift: 220 lbs up from 205 lbs

Shoulder Press: 90 lbs up from 70 lbs

A 220 lb PR on my deadlift however could not prepare me for this workout. I made it to 100 reps, all the way through 10 deadlifts at 185 lb. My lower back muscles were screaming at me. It was unreal. I laid on the floor afterwards in the fetal position so that they would stop aching.

The rest of Saturday they were aching as well, but in a sore way, not a “I didn’t do proper form and now my back is yelling at me.” I tried to keep proper form on all of these but getting through the last 10 was rough.

After the WOD I stuck around and worked on some pull ups. I got my kipping pull ups down and was able to do 5 in a row.

2. The Seven

We did this on Sunday.

Sunday is Hero WOD day at our box.

Hero WODs are extremely challenging workouts created in memory for those members of our military who have sacrificed everything for our freedom. They usually have specific names, hence “The Seven” and “Murph” after certain people. They remind you the entire time that while you are suffering through this WOD, these people gave their lives for our country. It’s truly an amazing feeling to work through a hero WOD. They are by far the hardest, but also my favorite.

So “The Seven”…


This was probably the toughest Hero WOD I have ever done. I Rx’d the hand stand push ups, did 65 lb thrusters, Rx’d the knees to elbows, did 115 lb deadlifts, 35 lb kettle bell swings and Rx’d the pull ups without a band.

My hands were destroyed, as you probably saw on Instagram (prior to quitting cold turkey)…


I got two lovely new rips from the pull ups and I’m nursing them back to life today. They are seriously the most painful thing ever. I just ordered some wrist grips to hopefully prevent this and save my hands. When you have a rip, you can’t do Crossfit. I mean you can, it just really hurts and chances are you’re going to rip again.

I finished this in 43:17. 43 minutes people. I worked along side one of my new favorite Crossfit buddies and after the second round, took my shirt off. I have now dubbed Sunday’s at Crossfit as “Shirtless Hero WOD Sundays”.

I woke up yesterday morning so sore. I took yesterday off from Crossfit because of my hands, and my sore body.

– – – – –

I just have to add one more thing. Prior to Crossfit, I would never have ever thought about taking my shirt off in public during a workout. I did not think twice when I took it off the other day. Crossfit has truly changed my mental state and attitude. There are no mirrors. There are no other people judging you. It’s just you and your fellow Crossfitters trying to get through the WOD. No one is fat, or ugly, or overweight, or old, or weak or too muscular. Everyone is just themselves, trying to beat themselves only, and encouraging all others around them to do the same. It is such an amazing atmosphere.

1 thought on “Weekly Update (More Like Weeks)”

  1. Love that last paragraph!! I never felt judged back in the swimming days, but I would never feel comfortable in my suit outside of that atmosphere. Strange how the people you are with or the environment can change your confidence.

    I am impressed that after a week of indulging your numbers didn’t change that much. I think I’d put on like 20 pounds on a cruise 🙂

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