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I have been ridiculously busy these past two weeks.

I calculated it up a few days ago and I accidentally somehow scheduled myself for 124 hours this pay period (2 weeks).

I work for one company full time and worked around 88 hours for them (I usually only work 72 hours for them but apparently those extra hours slipped into my schedule without me realizing). I then work casually for another company and picked up a 12 hour shift with them, bringing my total to around 99 hours. I then also work part-time for a local EMS service as an EMT and picked up 26 hours with them. I usually only work 16 hours at the most there so this was a bit unusual.

That being said, I haven’t had much time for anything other than work and Crossfit. I haven’t even really seen Mike that much at all, which is definitely frustrating.

The good news is that this week I only work 3 days, and have already worked two of them. We’re leaving for Snowshoe, West Virginia for 4 days for some skiing with some of my best friends. I’m ready for a little break and some relaxation for sure!

– – – – –

I will hopefully post a weekly update tomorrow, since I was late with this weekend’s post. I usually check in on Friday’s but again, life got busy.

I just saw this on Instagram this morning, and it has been super relevant to my feelings recently…


When I first began lifting, my goal was to obviously build strength, but I also wanted to get lean and look good as well.

Training at the gym left me constantly checking the mirror and obsessing over the way I looked and not about the way I felt and the strength I was gaining. There are mirrors everywhere at ordinary gyms and you’ll notice the guys and girls lifting are always doing it in front of them. Always checking to see if new muscles are popping through.

Since starting Crossfit I can tell you that my mindset has totally changed. There are no mirrors in a Crossfit box (gym). There are no free weights, no machines, nothing like that. There are squat racks, pull up bars, rings, rowing machines, kettle bells, treadmills (maybe) and ropes to climb.  That’s it.

The things that I have found to be great about Crossfit, and granted I have only been doing this for about 3-4 weeks is that the focus is not on improving your physical appearance, but instead building your strength, endurance, stamina, and mental capacity. The only person getting your through the workouts, which are exceptionally challenging is yourself. You can stop at any time, or you can push yourself forward…it’s totally up to you.

Over those past 3-4 weeks though I have found myself not worrying so much about my physical transformation, but more so on my increase in strength and endurance. Instead of checking the mirror constantly looking for abs or new muscles, I’m now concerned about how much I can increase my weight in the day’s workout, or how many more reps I can do, or how many reps I can do unbroken.

I do still look in the mirror every morning and weigh myself, but I’m not obsessing over it. I have seen my tricep muscle develop over the past few weeks, something I have never been able to see before. I have also seen my abs progressing slowly, but I’m not obsessing over them. I now look at my body in the mirror and know that I’m developing something bigger and stronger, not for the physical appearances, but to help me get through the workouts each day. I like the way I’m starting to look because I know that I am getting stronger, not because I am getting leaner.

I’m finally starting to actually accept and love my body for what it is, and that is something I have never experienced. I have always seen flaws; big thighs, thick belly, less than toned arms. But now I’m seeing definition. I am seeing my strong quads, my big traps, and my growing triceps. And for the first time in my life I love it. I am less concerned about what others think of my body and more concerned about how my body will support me during my workouts. I’m surely not the skinniest person around, but that’s not my goal. I want to get stronger, every single day.

– – – – –

I have also noticed that since starting Crossfit, my entire mental mindset has changed. I am constantly happy. I am never in a funk. If a patient upsets me at work, I have found that I am able to brush that patient off and move onto the next one. I have found that I am friendlier to patients and nurses and in a general better mood.

I also don’t constantly feel the need to be doing something 24/7, which is something I use to greatly struggle with on my days off. I always felt that I needed to be cleaning, or organizing, or shopping or something. But now I can just as easily sit on the couch all day and watch TV, or read a book, or browse Pinterest.

– – – – –

I know some people are skeptical about Crossfit, and trust me…I definitely was before I did some research and tried it on my own. This weekend someone even told me “Don’t do it! It’s a cult!” I get that. From the outside looking in, it’s a very intimidating form of exercise and somewhat unusual.

But what I can also tell you is that Crossfit has completely changed my life, in the 3-4 short weeks I have started doing it. It’s not just the physical aspect of the workouts, but also the mental aspects that have strengthened me. I am so glad I found Crossfit, and I hope to never lose it.

1 thought on “B.U.S.Y.”

  1. Wow I cannot even imagine working that much in a pay period.

    I really enjoy your honest reviews and talking about cross fit. It’s so refreshing and it makes me nearly think it would be something I’m interested in. (when my running goes stale).

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