Operation Get the Fat off of my Body

Oh herrow. I am sore as fudge from Crossfit three days in a row.

I’ve also been battling some shoulder pain on the right for the past few days. I think the culprits is a combination of the power cleans and WOD we did the other day and supraspinatous impingement.

I lifted heavy on Monday at Crossfit with the power cleans and the the workout involved 3rounds of two movements that required the bar to be above the head the entire time. My shoulder was achey but tolerable. I went back the next night and the same thing, did the WOD and was a bit achey last night. I did some research and think that I have impingement rather than a tear. To develop a tear that quickly would be hard, but my trapezius muscle and rhomboid muscles (the muscles that support the shoulders and neck) have huge knots and spasms in them.

I’ve been foam rolling, using icy hot and a TENS unit and that seems to be improving the symptoms today. I went this morning and we started with this:

Power Snatches 3 E2MOM12 at 80%
4 Deadlifts followed by 1 snatch EMOM6 at 55-60%

I did the snatches at 85 pounds and the deadlift snatches at 65 pounds. I realized during this workout that trying to put the weight down manually with my arms increases my pain versus dropping the bar from above my head. So that’s exactly what I did, dropped every snatch from above my head. And guess what, my pain decreased.

After lifting we did this:


I finished three rounds and that was it. Another 530 calories burned.

I came home,showered really quickly! packed my lunch and then traveled an hour for work. I wore my TENS unit the whole drive and that felt amazing. I then wore it switching positions on the right shoulder, traps, and left shoulder. I’m feeling 75% better and now just feel sore from the actual workout.

I was going to go again tomorrow but Mike convinced me that it’s better to rest. So two rest days while I still work 12 hour shifts. I get to sleep in, and I’m quite OK with that. I’d rather have two days off than 2 weeks off because of a shoulder injury.

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