Just the basics.

Ut Oh

I found my computer screen like this today…

Rut row.

Now I have lines all through my screen. Mike found it on the kitchen chair (previously on the kitchen table) yesterday and thought that maybe Goose had pushed it off or something. I mean, it still woks but it’s a huge bummer to have that on the middle of the screen. Especially because it’s not that old.

– – – – –

So the past two days I’ve done Crossfit and I think I can say I’m officially addicted.

Tuesday we did Fran:


I used 45 pounds for mine and did pull ups with the bands. My final time was 5:33, which I was happy with, but think that I could have pushed harder and added more weight. It was my first actual heavy lifting day so I didn’t want to overdo it.

Today we did this WOD:

Did a bit of a warm up followed by:

4 minutes to find out 1 rep max front squat.

Mine today was 130 pounds, but I’m pretty sure I could have gone heavier.

Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes: 1 rep of 90-95% of 1 rep max (115-120 pounds)

Every minute for 5 minutes: 5 reps of 75-80% of 1 rep max (90-95 pounds)

Followed by:


I did the prescribed weight of 55 pounds.

First round: 1:21

Second round: 1:27

Third round: 1:15


We then worked on some muscle up exercises and the coach today told me I might be the first girl at this Crossfit to get a muscle up. Talk about exciting!

When I was looking at the leader board as well, I have the heaviest 1 rep max for front squat at 130 pounds.

So that got me thinking, and some long term goals.

I’m pretty positive I’m hooked on Crossfit. And I really think I’d like to eventually compete, as in sign up for the Open, or the “Olympics” of Crossfit.

That’s a long term goal and very far away but I’d love to improve my skills and be able to compete at that level.

– – – – –

Anywho, I gotta go get ready for work really fast! I hope I’ll be able to walk later after all of those damn squats today. Probably not, but of course I’m going back tomorrow for some more fun!

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