Just the basics.

It’s my Birfday!

I am officially old. 26 years old today. For some reason I kept thinking that I was 24, turning 25 today but nope…25 turning 26.

Last night we had a little get together with a few friends, ordered some pizza, watched Shark Tank and played Things, one of our go-to games. We’re so lame and we don’t care.

It was freezing yesterday and supposed to snow, which it did…around 4 inches.

Last night we took a big step. We let Goose out of his kennel while we were at my sister’s for around 5 hours. This is the second time that we have done this, but the first time a few days ago was only for around 2 hours. I’m happy to report that he did wonderfully and didn’t destroy anything or have any accidents. That’s my boy!

– – – – –

This morning we slept in for a bit. I ate some proats, drank a cup of coffee and then my Dad brought over my birthday present…

My very own mad bomber hat! These are the bomb. They look somewhat ridiculous but they keep your head sooo warm. I could have used this the other day at McCandless when I was freezing, but such is life.

It snowed about 4 inches like I said before, so I wanted to give myself extra time to get to Crossfit this morning. I made it there, only sliding in four wheel drive 2 or 3 times.

There were two of us at the Intro to Crossfit class this morning, which was awesome.

We started out the class with the warm up:

1,000 m row
Walking lunges
Over the gates
500 m row
Walking lunges
Over the gates
250 m row
Walking lunges
Over the gates


25 passovers
25 reverse passovers
25 overhead squats with PVC
25 good morning’s
… X 2

Then we got to the actual WOD:

5 rounds for time:
500 m row or run on the treadmill
15 burpee box jumps (24” box)
15 toes to the bar (aka, knees to chest for me)

I made it through 4 rounds and started on my last 500 m run when I ran out of time.

Holy crap was that a doosey. It didn’t look that bad but burpee box jumps are the worst!

I ended up burning around 650 calories for that session. Good times.

– – – – –

Today I think I’m just going to relax, watch some House of Cards, and then we’re going to head out to dinner, probably sushi for my birthday.

Did you work out today?!

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