Just the basics.

I’m so excited!

You guys…I found a Crossfit center that is literally 10 minutes away from me.

Last night I worked overnight 5pm-3am. The computers had a planned downtime, which means that we have to go back to paper charting…which no one is used to at all.

Downtime’s always make for a rough night. Luckily we weren’t that busy, so we were able to get through the downtime.

I promise this has something to do with Crossfit.

Anyways, my Mom works on the IT end of the downtime sometimes, so she was up at midnight and we were texting. I told her that I was thinking that I wanted to start doing Crossfit, but the closest facility would be 25 minutes away. She then told me that the gym she belongs to recently opened a Crossfit center about 10 minutes away from our house last winter. I had never heard of it, so I did some research. True to form, she was right and there is one not far from me! The best thing is that it’s almost the same price as the other facility I was thinking about going to, and offers a 10% discount to EMTs. SCORE.

My birthday is coming up in the next couple weeks so I am thinking of treating myself to the introductory classes as well as a 14 day trial to see if I like it!

~ ~ ~ ~

This past week has mentally been hard in the gym. I feel like I’m in a funk…doing the same exercises each week and seeing some progress, but just going through the motions.

I haven’t really been pushing myself probably as hard as I could, and I miss incorporating some cardio into my workouts.

I think the really interesting thing about Crossfit and the Crossfit games is the fact that these athletes are ordinary people, who train hard, and who aren’t paid millions to play. They enjoy what they do, and they are ridiculously strong. They are exactly like you and me. They are students, they hold full time jobs and some are parents.

Last night between patient’s I spent the night looking at pictures and videos from the 2013 Crossfit games.

Please just check out the brute strength and endurance of these women!

It is unbelievable do me. I know right now that I am not physically fit enough to even do one part of that work out, and that is what is peaking my interest in Crossfit.

So this week I will hopefully check it out, and see if it’s something I can see myself doing in the long run.

~ ~ ~ ~

Other than that, shift work is really messing me up this weekend. I haven’t switched from days to nights in a while and the struggle is real. I just feel “meh” and trying to eat low carb on top of that is even harder. I’m hoping since tonight is night 3 of overnight my body will be feeling a little bit better.

I also did not really properly space out my meals yesterday and felt really awful. I went out to lunch with my sister and some friends, and decided to get a salad, which I hate eating and should probably never do again. Then the waitress asked us if we were celebrating because Alexis had 4 gift bags and we all said , where she asked us all if we would be in her bridal party!


She gave each of us the above note, except mine was obviously a little bit different…and then a necklace with our initials and a key, which is one of the themes to their wedding!


Of course I said no. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Jussssst kidding. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to help plan, creating an awesome bachelorette party, and throw an amazing shower, just as she had done for me!

But while we were there I got a salad (which I never like to eat and will never do again) and cookies, as the waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything as we had the gift bags on the table. We said, “well, kinda…” and she gave us free cookies. So I did indulge, but then my macros were way off for the rest of the day and I felt crappy.

I’m hoping to feel better today, because I really want to make progress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyone else part of an upcoming wedding or been asked to be in a wedding in a creative way?!

2 thoughts on “I’m so excited!”

  1. I don’t even know where to begin commenting. First, that cross fit video is intense. It honestly makes me want to lift weights and do something like that. WOW.

    Second congrats to your sister and getting married. Plus you being in the maid of honar. That will be a lot of fun I am sure!

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