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All About Vizslas

As you all know, I have one of the most handsome pups around…



He is a breed known as the Vizsla (spoken as Veeeeeeshlah).

Say Vizsla! It's Veeezsh-luh.

The vizsla is an ancient breed. The Vizsla’s ancestors were hunters and companions for the Magyar hordes, a tribe that settled in what is now known as Hungary. A favorite of early barons, Vizslas are depicted in etchings as far back as the 10th century.

The vizsla breed almost went extinct in history, specifically after World War II after being over run by English Pointers and the German Short Haired Pointer.

Some were actually smuggled out of Hungary in trunks and packages to the United States where their breed has become well noted.

The vizsla is a cousin of the Weimaraner…

And the German Shorthair Pointer:

All of these are incredible hunting dogs, also known as “bird dogs” or “gun dogs” because of their excellent sense of smell for locking in on birds and prey.

They all are known to point, which is when they point their entire body and muzzle toward their prey, letting their owners and hunters know exactly where the game is located, allowing them to move into gun range.

Goose does his own version of this, but isn’t 100% there…


He’s still young, he’ll get it eventually.

Vizsla’s are a medium sized dog, meaning they range from 45-60 pounds full grown. They are known for their lanky legs and their copper color.

They are more often compared to cats, rather than to dogs.

They have cat like paws

And regularly clean themselves as well as their owners.

They are also known for not having the “dog” smell that most other breeds have. They very rarely smell at all.

The vizsla is also know as the “Velcro Dog” because they love to attach themselves to their owners, preferably on their laps.

Once you own a vizsla, your life is never the same. It’s the dog that follows you around the house, fights for space on your lap, and constantly wants to be next to you.

They are also known as one of the most energetic breeds around.

The vizsla requires at least 1-2 hours of running  a day.

Usually after taking Goose on a 3 mile run, he’s ready to play outside, hunt some birds, or chew on a bone to get his energy out.

They require lots of play and running room, so they are not ideal for city livers.

They love being outside, hunting birds, running on trails, and prancing around with a stick in their mouths.

They are one of the most loving and compassionate dog breeds I have ever encountered. They are super friendly and willing do to whatever to please their owners.

They are puppy’s at heart until around 1-2 years old, but then they mature quickly.

Initial training is difficult and requires a great deal of patience as they often do not listen as young pups and attempt to be rebels during their early months to try to test their owners, but hard work and consistency pays off when they are a bit older.

~ ~ ~

So now that you know more about Vizsla’s (again Veeeeshhhlahhhh) please don’t ever mistake the name or pronounce it wrong. Winking smile

They require a lot of work, but are totally worth it. I can’t image life without my little man now-a-days.


2 thoughts on “All About Vizslas”

  1. To be honest, I never heard of Vizslas (Veeeeshlas!) until I started reading blogs, isn’t that weird?! I also pronounced it Viz-ah-lahs for some reason! Happy to learn something new today.

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