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How to Ruin Things 101

Want to know how to ruin things? This is absolutely THE BEST place to come to.

Here is our story…

We took a FREE freezer from Mike’s parents neighbors who were elderly and moving into a new, smaller apartment. Cha-ching for us because old people keep things in excellent shape, unlike us young people now a-days.

So we received this freezer about 4 months prior to our wedding. It is in our garage and plugged into a normal looking outlet (this will be important over the next few minutes). We made wedding cookies and freezed them all the way up to the wedding, which was awesome for me because I had more space to make more cookies without them going back.

We used the freezer after our wedding to store the left over cookies in hopes of giving them away to someone else in the future, as well as the left over food from our brunch (pancakes and sandwiches).

Fast forward to like three weeks ago when Mike and I were attempting to put up some spot lights on the outside of our house to accent our house and our shrubbery (absurd) at night so we could look cool and fit in with our neighbors.

Now 4 months ago, the outlet out front was working fine. We plugged all of our Christmas lights in without difficulty.

Three weeks ago we tried these stupid spot lights and the outlet would not work. We reset the breakers, we checked the outlets, we asked my Dad…all without any answer for why the outlets stopped working.

We moved on and said, “Maybe we should call an electrician…” Yeah, maybe someday.

Last night however, I practically became an electrician, I am so damn smart.

We had just finished our delicious chicken, bacon, ranch pizza and were going to have a piece of pie. My sister was coming over as she had to work overnight from home and wanted to use our Smart TV to watch Netflicks and Hulu Plus, as well as snuggle a puppy. She also wanted to give Goose Man a bath.

I went outside on the deck and tried to plug in the lighted bulbs we have around the deck. No dice. I flipped.


So Mike again went searching for a breaker. Alexis said “Didn’t you guys already figure out that you can’t fix that outlet on your own?”

I went downstairs into the garage and looked for something. Anything. I reset the breakers and finally found a plug in the garage with a reset button. So I hit it…and low and behold…the outlets started working.

After this realization, I looked and noted that the freezer was plugged into this outlet. Mike was standing next to the freezer and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Mike, is the freezer running?

Mike: (leaning in toward the freezer to listen to it)…no, I don’t think so.

Me: Mike the freezer is plugged into this outlet, that has been out for 3 weeks.

Mike: (Opening the freezer)…yep, freezer is definitely not running.


And that friends, is how you ruin things.

Our wedding cookies were gone. The left over sandwiches gone.

Worst part about it: The cake topper from our wedding day was COVERED in mold.

~ ~ ~

So yes, we spent the entire evening cleaning out the freezer, throwing away the mold, washing the cookie containers in bleach as well as the freezer.

It was a lovely old time.

I was initially upset about the cake topper, but to be honest with you, I’m not 100% sure we would have remembered to eat it. Regardless, we will go to Oakmont Bakery and get a small cake to eat on our anniversary of our flavors.

Lesson learned. Life goes on. Lots of food ruined.

2 thoughts on “How to Ruin Things 101”

  1. Oh I’m so sorry! Mold is one of the few things that really freak me out. If I ever come in contact, I have to have my boyfriend deal with it. Make sure you clean out the freezer really well, because mold stays and comes back and it’s not good to have around your food!

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