Just the basics.

Buck Up Woman

That is probably my absolute favorite phrase that one of my ED attendings uses. If we’re complaining, or not in the mood to do something, it’s always, “BUCK UP.”

So in going with the theme of “bucking up”, I’ve done a couple things…

I have given up Oreos for one month.

I was talking to one of my other attendings last night, who just happens to be training for her second Ironman, and I was telling her about how many Oreos I eat everyday. I would have to say I probably consume anywhere between 4-6 Double Stuf Oreos throughout the day. Either for dessert, or random pickings from the pantry. We also buy at least one pack a week at the grocery store. I never feel bad about it…how can you feel bad when something tastes so good?!

She is a Vegan, recently turned back temporarily to a meat and dairy lover after I teased her with a peperoni calzone during marathon training. Yep, it was that good. Anyways, she’s starting her training…which I hope to help her with, and she said to me yesterday at around 1AM…”What if you just gave up Oreos for one month? I bet you would lose like 10 pounds.”

So therefore came the two agreements…I would give up Oreos for one month, she would give up dairy for one month…and we’ll see how that goes.

So far, one day down!

We bought a chair and have nearly completed the study.


Yep, didn’t even take the tags off yet.

The Levin’s guys totally woke me up at 8:30 am after I got done working at 2AM. Good times.

Anyways, it’s our “comfy, read, relax, and look outside chair. It’s soooo comfy and I plan to get a vibrant pillow and throw blanket for it! It will be absolutely perfect in the fall!!


This is the office so far. The walls are so boring but see that lamp?! I bought the actual lamp from Goodwill for $4 and the shade for $10 at Target. So what would have been a $30 lamp was half the price.

I am really into DIY right now and thrift shopping.

The plan is to find a filing cabinet to put where the printer or shredder is, refinish the desk so it’s a darker stain, and put more stuff on the walls. Again, bought a picture frame from Goodwill today for $1 that I will either be spray painting black, white, or she ilver to put either a quote in or a random picture to go with the colors. Also, curtains will be purchased or made by my Mother or sister…I’m just not sure what pattern yet!

I bought a Polar Heart Rate Monitor

My sister totally convinced me of this one. She bought one and while using it has lost almost 40 pounds…of course that’s with diet an exercise.


This is my baby. I plan on using it tomorrow when I go to the gym to lift legs. I really want to see what I’m burning at the gym while lifting and then go from there.

My main goal for this summer is to continue running, but also continue lifting and become more “toned”. I lift heavy and I lift 4 days a week. Usually I quit lifting at 2 weeks, but now that I myself pay for the gym membership and it’s literally less than a mile from my house, I’m going to make it my habit.

~ ~ ~

As I type this I am drinking my daily coffee, which should be great when I go to bed in 5 hours.

Target again sucked me in and had Caramel Macchiato Coffee on sale for $5. I am turning into Hollie over here. I can’t go a day without my coffee.

We have chicken, bacon, ranch homemade pizza on the agenda, since it’s Mike’s turn to cook since I made Stir-Fry on Monday! I LOVE Mike’s homemade pizza.

Oh yeah, then I have to snuggle a Vizsla.


I should probably check on him and make sure he hasn’t slaughtered an innocent chipmunk outside.

Gotta Go!

2 thoughts on “Buck Up Woman”

  1. Everyone has a bad habit, Oreos are one of mine too! I don’t eat as many as you do (and only traditional Oreo’s, no double stuffed please!), but I’ll always crave them at the back of my mind. Also Hot Cheetos, I really have to limit myself on those.

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