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Wedding Corner: Wedding Dress

How about another post about our wedding?! I feel like I never get to go into great detail about our wedding or share great pictures!

This one today is short and sweet about my wedding dress.

I purchased my dress at Babe’s Broadway Bridal in Tarentum, PA.

I bought a previous dress here for my Cinderella ball in 2006, and I fell in love with their great customer service. They treat everyone as an individual and will go out of their way to do anything for you.

My Mom and I picked a day and this was the first place we went to. When we went I thought I wanted something along the lines of this:

Mostly lace and very form fitting.

I tried on a few of these, lots of lace and not a lot of poof when finally my Mom suggested I try on something completely different.

The ruffling and and the sash kinda threw me off, but I kinda liked it. The only downfall was that I really wanted it in a sweetheart neckline. Of course the bridal shop said they would call the manufacturer and see if this was possible. After a few minutes they said of course it was and my mind was pretty much made up. Granted I tried this dress on in a size like 24, so they literally had to hold the thing on me. I found it in less than 2 hours on my first trip.

My Mom of course insisted that I go to another shop “just to see”. So we went to one in Greensburg, which was HUGE, but their customer service was definitely lacking. I actually ended up trying on my dress as the very last one and in MY size. It fit perfectly and I loved it! A week later I ordered it with a sweet heart neckline in diamond white and never looked back…

nm (1 of 1000)

nm (2 of 1000)

nm (4 of 1000)

I loved the intricate beading and lace. It was the perfect balance.

nm (345 of 1000)

And of course, the train was my absolute favorite part!

nm (565 of 1000)

It was figure flattering but with just the right amount of fluff.

nm (627 of 1000)

So there you have it. Everything you ever wanted to know about my wedding dress. I also did not spend a fortune on it. My goal was to spend less than $1,000 and that was easily accomplished and I think it looked fabulous. And now it sits in our spare bedroom closet, to collect dust.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Corner: Wedding Dress”

  1. I love that wedding dress. It was absolutely gorgeoys and by far one of my favorite ones I’ve ever seen. When the time comes for me to get married I’m sure I’ll be asking you for lots of advice.

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