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New Perspective on Work

Hey guys, be proud of me over here!

It’s been 1 week since the marathon and I have gone to the gym 5 days out of 7! I did one day of running last week (5 miles), 2 days of epitical, and 1 day of walking (5 miles with my Momma).

I have been lifting consistently and doing this sort of split:

Back & Biceps

Chest & Triceps

Shoulders & Abs


I actually did abs two times last week and leg day nearly killed me. I thought it would be a great idea to do squats with 50 lbs and lunges with 20 lbs on each side. SUPER idea. I was so sore Saturday and Sunday. I mean more sore than I was post marathon! That’s what I get for not lifting all throughout marathon training and jumping back into it!

~ ~ ~

RecentIy I have discovered that I am having a hard time listening. I told Mike and my Mom the same thing; while working in the ED, I listen to people often complain about their problems, their lives, their significant others, their pets, etc…the list could go on and on. So when I’m not at work, I have a terrible time asking other people how they’re doing or how their day was. If I have a bad day at work, Mike knows not to ask me about it and to not take offense when my responses are limited to one word answers.

And when I say bad, I just mean busy…or filled with more acute patients.

But Sunday for Mother’s Day, I went walking with my Mom at our favorite park. And true to form Mother’s know how to give the best advice and are always right in the long run. She agreed that my listening skills have decreased since starting in the ED, in that my responses are very short and not really helpful to the conversation. She said I am still a great listener, but my feedback is lacking.

She also brought a new perspective into my head about my work. Every patient that I see in the ED, whether they complain or not, teaches me something new about medicine, life, and family and gives me the opportunity to continue learning and expanding my knowledge.

And I guess the thing is I never looked at my job in that light. Working in the ED our main goals are quick times, patient satisfaction, and treating what we can. Everything is about speed and no one likes waiting. So my mindset was basically “Ok, what is the problem here, what do we need to do, and how quickly can we do it.” That’s a great motivator and a great way to produce fast times, but I became a PA for a very different reason. I wanted to help people and provide care and compassion at their worst times.

Needless to say, I have a slightly different outlook on work now, and I feel as though it’s almost for the better. It is my privilege to treat people in the ED and help them on one of the worst days of their lives. Granted some people are only present in the ED to take advantage of the system, but that is not the majority of patient’s.

I have never “dreaded” going to work, and by all means I absolutely love my job, but recently I feel as though the ER is wearing on me and I’m slowly getting burnt out. I think though with this new outlook on work, I have a little different spring in my step. Work doesn’t seem to bog me down so much and I’m actually looking forward to shifts. Granted, I would much rather have the 9A-9P shift rather than the 2A-2P shift.

~ ~ ~

Anyone else ever get into a “rut” at work? What have you done to break it and get back on track to feeling good about your job??

2 thoughts on “New Perspective on Work”

  1. I like your new perspective on things. My grandfather was hospitalized earlier this year and it was the staff that made the world of the difference in the ED and ICU units. From a patient’s perspective, it’s really easy to tell who is really compassionate about their jobs and who isn’t.

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