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Go To Running Gear

I thought as a marathon runner and avid general long distance runner, I would share with you some of my favorite running gear that I use consistently, or have recently started using.

Of a side note, I do not endorse any of this stuff. I am not cool enough to have people reach out to me to promote their products. So unfortunately you’ll have to deal with my totally unbiased opinion.

I wouldn’t tell you about these products if I didn’t love them…or purchase them on my own.


Garmin 405

This is obviously not my watch, but I have the exact same one. Shocking.

I am on my second 405, after my first one bit the bullet during a 15 mile run recently. That and the band was broken for about 2.5 years and I refused to get it fixed.

This is a Garmin so obviously it has GPS capability. It runs anywhere in p rice range from $150-300. I recently bought mine for $150 from this website. It is exactly the same as my previous one, and even included the heart rate monitor.

This watch is a little bit better for “techy savvy” people. It is touch screen which has it’s pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s: it’s really easy to switch between screens, it’s very easy to reset your pace, easy to turn the light on.

Con’s: you have to lock the bezel when it’s raining or else it will continually switch between the three screens on it’s on.

This watch is like my little baby. It has a pretty big display and you can easily see your pace, time and distance.

It has a virtual trainer so if you are trying to stay on an exact pace, it will tell you down to the second how far ahead or behind you are. That is the function I love the most.

It also has various training modules such as interval training. Instead of doing intervals by time, you can set it by distance. You can set your recovery length and your interval length all while watching your pace to ensure you’re doing your repeats at an appropriate speed.

The battery life is average, but it is a rechargeable battery, which is convenient. It has a power save mode that automatically starts when you stop using the watch for I think 10 minutes or so. It lasted me a whole marathon and still has 29% left right now.

The last cool part about this watch is that it has wireless syncing of your data. If your computer is on and the USB stick is plugged in, it will automatically download all of your workout info, and then it’s loaded onto your Garmin Connect account for easy access. No more guessing what your pace was on your last 15 mile run.

A lot of people I know have the Garmin 305:

I could have ordered this model, but I have seen this in person and it’s more like a small computer on your wrist than a watch. No thanks.


While at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo, I found and bought this really neat belt.

The Flip Belt.

This belt is made entirely out of Spandex and is super slim. It essentially is a tube of fabric with 4 small slits where you can insert your keys, GU, cell phone etc, with easy access.

You can then either wear the belt with the slits out or in, depending on your comfort level.

I had never tried this out before, but I wore this for the entire marathon because I wanted to have my cell phone with me incase something happened. I never once had the thing ride up on me or even notice that it was there.

It held all my stuff and didn’t bounce at all. This will definitely come in handy for future long runs or even shorter runs when I’m searching for a place to put my iphone and keys!

You can buy the Flip Belt here.


Everyone knows about them, but I personally love BicBands.

They support charities and they work like a charm.

I think I have 5 or 6, and just recently got the limited edition Boston one.

Surprisingly though, Bic Bands are really not that hard to make, and my sister has made some of her own using ribbon and velvet.

They area a little pricey, but they’re so worth it.

2 thoughts on “Go To Running Gear”

  1. Oh no, an unbiased review? Whatever will we do with that? I have never been able to get into Garmins because I like my Nike sport watch so much. I have a Garmin though and they essentially do the same thing ha ha…I have a BicBand too but it really hurt my head wearing it…so it stays right there on my shelf.

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